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This page contains details of all revisions since the initial release of SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.

NOTE: New builds can be downloaded from the SysCAD website. For more information see Upgrading Builds.

SysCAD 9.3 Build 139 Revision History

Build 30140

Released 12 January 2022
  • SysCAD AQSol Add-On now included as part of standard installation. Existing users of AQSol in SysCAD no longer need to download and unzip this add-on separately.
  • Full install includes 3 new AQSol example projects.
  • New Reaction Editor (Version 1.4), with new options and improvements for balancing reactions.
  • Makeup Source has new option Operation similar to the Feeder Operation option. This significantly improves flexibility of how the MakeupSource composition, T & P can be defined.
  • Improvements in Find Results dialog - Sort by column now works correctly, value in first row uses correct conversion units.
  • In FEM add displays of individual Heats Of Reactions (HoR), as well as overall change in Hf@0 (which is equal to overall HOR when no EHX or temperature override).
  • Additional displays on SDB - Elements tab page for list of elements used, and on SDB - Components additional displays when multiple components with the same elemental definition.
  • For PGM Species Database Class added functions for accessing Elements used in the project: FindElem(Str ElemName), ElemCount(), ElemName(long ElemIndex), ElemAW(long ElemIndex). In addition added function ElemI("ElementName").
  • For PGM implemented new function ForEachClass to efficiently loop through all instances of a class type calling a specified Subroutine.
  • For Precipitation3 implemented new "EnthalpyCalcs" option that gives finer control for energy balance calculations for Heats of Reaction for the different precipitation reactions. Functionality is dependent on data entry of H25 and Cp equations for participating species.
  • Implemented some improvements in importing species from HSC for illegal characters in species names.
  • For PlantModel Environment added option to define DryAir composition in addition to Air. DryAir can be specified on mass or mole fraction basis and will always have zero for H2O(g).
  • Added new Feeder Operation option "PlantModel DryAir" that uses global DryAir composition specified in Plant Model - Environment.
  • Fix for bug when using RB Extent method "Final SpModel Property : Standard.BPE".
  • Improved logic for Tank HX Mode "Simple" selections. Improved error reporting and edge case tests. When used with "Other.CalcFlow" the general demand logic has been improved to demand zero flow when inoperative.
  • Numerous Thermodynamic Calculation Engines (TCE) improvements. Includes: improved routine for loading data; improved handling & reporting of edge cases; reworked TCE mixing (calculating total feed enthalpy); other miscellaneous improvements & fixes.

Build 29945

Released 29 November 2021

Build 29907

Released 23 November 2021
  • Improve calculation for pass through Demand through a Tie/Tank/Pipe/etc that includes Discard Block (DB).
  • Updated editing of TCE Configuration Options. Settings for AQSol have changed. Existing AQSol projects will require review of TCE settings in cfg.
  • Fix in dynamic mode Feeder where Batch tags were hidden.
  • For graphics Insert Symbol and Insert Unit a new Search box has been added to help find the desired graphics symbol. This is particularly useful with Group set to *All*.
  • Improved options for Arrow Style and Scaling when editing graphics using Reroute Link, Redraw Link, etc.
  • Display the correct status colour in graphics for Feeder configured with Operation "Link to MakeupSrc".
  • Fix for project close crash if project contained a reaction rct file that failed to load. Improved warning condition message for Reaction Block (RB) rct file load errors.
  • Fix for crash in Excel Reports, reporting some tags that are dropdown lists.
  • Fix for crash running SysCAD Command Scripts that start with the command WaitTillStop.
  • Miscellaneous improvements in computational efficiency and memory use in stream mixing and property calculations.

Build 29722

Released 27 October 2021
  • Fix for error introduced in Build 29706 for for Dynamic Tank with Vent connection that produced a mass balance error for vent outlet.
  • Improved implementation of Entropy function for water below 0°C.

Build 29706

Released 22 October 2021
  • Allow tighter tolerances in RB Extent and Convergence calculations. Default tolerances are tighter (for existing projects you will need to edit each RB to change existing values). Using tighter tolerances allows Concentration reaction extents to achieve results closer to the target by a few more significant figures by solving a few extra iterations to meet the tighter tolerance.
  • Improved calculations for RB ShowSpRequirements option implemented. In some cases, the displayed amounts of species flow required to exactly meet the reaction extent were incorrect (and are fixed in this update). This improves robustness in use of feed forward controllers using these tags to adjusting reagent additions.
  • Improved checking and error reporting for selection of water species in Gibbs FEM when any aqueous species are selected.
  • Thermodynamic Calculation Engines (TCE) improvements - SideCalc pressure selection; Copy&Paste in Direct Calc; TCE Databases used now included in project file list and backup zip files; miscellaneous improvements in Access window result displays.
  • Updated cfg editor for Thermodynamic Calculation Engines Configuration settings. Can now browse for the folder where the TCE databases are located and select the databases you want to make available in the project. No longer need to edit these in the cfg file manually. Database list is auto-upgraded, but in some cases you may need to edit the cfg file and check the selections on the TCEs tab page.
  • Implemented new "Isentropic Full" constant Entropy method for Compressor.
  • For large projects: (1) fix save error for large number of graphics pages; and (2) fix error for selecting cross page connection "ConnectTo" for a large number of sinks.
  • Fix error for reported enthalpy values for species using Shomate_Cp.
  • Implemented new PGM function IIfStr for returning String data type, similar to inline function IIf returning a numerical result.
  • Fix error on first solve when converting SteadyState ProBal projects to Dynamic.
  • Dynamic mode Tank using Layered Mixing.Model now supports multiple inlets at multiple heights adding material to the layer located at the inlet stream connection height.

Build 29552

Released 22 September 2021
  • Improved user experience when working with multiple projects and cfg files. When editing or selecting a project Configuration (cfg) file there is a new "Last Accessed" column showing when a cfg file was last used (ie used by a project load, or cfg file edited). Select any column header to sort by the column.
  • Improve project load and save to support a large number of RB reactions (and associated reaction species).
  • Significantly improve implementation (speed) of setting bulk tags using COM Automation API function TagValues.SetValues(...).
  • Fix for Project Save-As / Save-Version where selected unused (un-referenced) files were not copied across to the new project folder.

Build 29506

Released 14 September 2021
  • All Historian files are now all located in a sub-folder of the project. On first project save in this Build, the existing historian files are moved to the new "Historian" folder resulting in a more organised project folder.
  • Gibbs FEM "Assign Phases" action button updated to apply to all species rather than selected species only.
  • Improvements for condensing mode with non-condensibles for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 2. For two of the CondensingMethod options ("Demand (UA)" and "Demand (UA & TubeT)") when non-condensibles are present in Shell feed, the model was evaluated at total pressure (SatT@P) instead of at partial pressure (SatT@PP). This causes a difference (proportional to non-condensibles fraction) in shell operating temperature and heat transfer. For backward compatibility an option "IgnoreNoncondensables" is provided. A warning message is given when non-condensibles are present and the old method (using total P) is used to alert the user to this condition. In these cases the recommended fix is to switch off "IgnoreNoncondensables" and resolve/retune the model.
  • Fix for TagSelect reports not reporting correct DirectLink tags in results.
  • Improvements in PHREEQC: output calculated gas fugacity, improvements in managing gas pure phase solubility calculations. Note that SysCAD-PHREEQC interface only supports pure phase gas solubility at this time. Thus, for any gas solubility to be calculated correctly, it must be the only gas present in the vapour phase. For insoluble gases, such as N2, the error is small if it is in a vapour mixture. However, the error is large for reactive and/or soluble gases, such as O2 and NH3, when in a vapour mixture.

Build 29465

Released 6 September 2021
  • For graphics Redraw Link and Reroute Link improved logic and user interface when selecting a "non standard" (ie "constructed") pipe graphics.
  • New option in pipes to block demand transfer when the required demand flow (Qm_Demand.Dst) is small (less than PlantModel.DemandThresholdQm).

Build 29437

Released 1 September 2021
  • Implemented new user option to zip a project. This is available in main Project menu - Zip Project or from 'Zip Project' button in project window (on Files tab page).
  • For Separation Models (Thickeners, Filters, SolidsRecovery, etc), added optional outlet stream displays for QOF, QUF, QCake, QTailings, etc.
  • If underlying data type of a drop list is a string (eg XPG_001.ConnectTo P_001.EHX.Model), then do not show RHS integer values in displayed dropdown list. The purpose is to make it clearer that tag can't be set by integer value from PGM, Excel, etc. In addition, the tooltip window shown when mouse hovers over the drop list field includes 'Underlying tag is a String type' in description.
  • In Access window, when using context menu option "Copy Tag for PGM" for any string tag (including dropdown list with underlying string) the clipboard value is now [Str "fulltag"].

Build 29390

Released 27 August 2021
  • Implemented locks to prevent multiple users (or SysCAD instances) of the same project (i.e. same local or network folder location) being saved simultaneously and corrupting the project data. Also delay (or prevent) project load if another user is busy saving.
  • For Thermodynamic Calculation Engine (TCE) Models, added new options for selecting actions to be followed when encountering unmapped species for forward- and reverse-mapping.
  • Precipitation3 Agglomeration - include power term for solids volume fraction in Agglom kernel. Added fine tuning factor.

Build 29370

Released 25 August 2021

Build 29334 (BETA)

Released 19 August 2021
  • Improved support and error handling for very long full path and filenames, especially for errors caused by loss of graphics flowsheet pages.
  • Improved Alumina Precipitator3 Agglomeration options including new Kernel Builder options.
  • Fix for Composition Fetch where the entered tag was from a Discard Sink.
  • Correctly handle energy balance (exit temperatures) in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit where heat of dilution occurs.
  • EHX methods in pipes in dynamic mode that specify pipe diameter and length, now correctly use these values (they were ignored).
  • Some improvements in Copy & Paste of flowsheet graphics and data.
  • During project load, added an extra user feedback message on Species Database tab of Message Window for when user has selected "Ignore Data" for a species property in the cfg file.
  • Miscellaneous Beta version bug and feature fixes.

Build 29199 (BETA)

Released 28 July 2021
  • Bug fix for Change Unit.
  • New optional Vent outlet connection for FEM Reactor.
  • Improved organisation of Access window tags and options in TCE Models Configuration for species mapping.
  • Limit pH output to 7.0 for Acidity (pH) calculation for very low OH- or H+ concentrations.

Build 29102 (BETA)

Released 15 July 2021
  • Log and debug files now go to project subfolder \LogOutputs. If opening multiple copies of same project, additional folders are created to avoid conflicts.
  • Improved handling for very large (>300) number of graphics/trend pages.
  • Additional Gibbs Free Energy Minimisation (FEM) warnings when S25 for species is not specified.
  • Improved TCE loading, multithreading, Ion Mapping and error handling.
  • IonList.txt file used in TCE projects must now be located in the CfgFiles folder. If file is missing, the file located in BaseFiles folder is copied to CfgFiles folder. For TCE projects IonList.txt is now included in backup zip file with project save and displayed in list of files in Project window.
  • New option BulkSetTagsValidation in General Controller (default ON) which affects how all tags are set in referenced models at the end of PGM execution. If new option is ON then validation of model tags data occurs after setting all the values. If this option is OFF (original behaviour) then after each tag value is set, the data is immediately validated. The new option is more efficient and fixes error for setting interdependent tags (e.g. species composition fractions in a feeder).
  • For new low temperature (below 0C) Cp and Density implement options on PlantModel.Species, implement logic to initialise correctly based on original project temperature range.
  • Updates for new Material Body model.
  • Simplified Dynamic Solver Setup Dialog and related tags in $Solver Method tab page simplified options. Removed StepsPerUpdate option. Added user specified min and max dynamic step sizes.
  • When using a species model other than Standard in a Makeup Source, then the Makeup Block now selects Makeup Source SpModel if the feed to the MakeupBlock is using Standard SpModel.

Build 28898 (BETA)

Released 10 June 2021