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Vapours Tab

This tab page displays the following properties of the Vapour species in the project:

  • Density, if SysCAD is using the Ideal Gas density to calculate the density for this species, the word IdealGas will appear on the far right.
  • Vapour Pressure for the user specified T.
  • Vapour Temperature for the user specified P.
  • IdealK (K) if vapour pressure data has been provided. IdealK=VapourP(UserSpecifiedT)/UserSpecifiedP. Low K value indicates tendency to vapour phase, high K value to liquid phase. (Available from Build 139.)
  • Critical Temperature (Tc).
  • Enthalpy(Hz) at saturation pressure.
  • Condensable Species (CondensableSp): corresponding liquid species that can be condensed from this vapour species. Only shown if vapour pressure data has been provided. (Available from Build 139.)
  • Viscosity
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Cp/Cv, usually (not steam) equal to Cp/(Cp-R), based on ideal gas relationship Cp = Cv + R, where R = gas constant. User can also specify value of Cp/Cv in species database.

Species Properties Vapours139.png

  • The Species Property Data shown here is given for a temperature of 25°C and a pressure of 101.325 kPa.
  • The temperature (T) and pressure (P) can be changed to obtain species properties at different conditions.
  • Users can choose to display the data in either mass or mole basis. This is done via the Mass Basis check box, it toggles between the two options.
  • SpeciesShortButton.png and SpeciesLongButton.png: The SpeciesTag buttons toggles between the short and long species names.
  • SpeciesConfbutton.png: Pressing the CopytoClipboard button will add selected Properties Data onto the clipboard.
  • SpeciesPropertiesbutton.png: The Reports button allows the user to copy selected data onto the clipboard.
  • Button - Filter On.png and Button - Filter Off.png: These buttons allow the user to filter the species to display only species that meet certain criteria. See Species Filter for details on how the species filter is used.