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This tab page displays the following thermodynamic properties of ALL species in the project:

  • Total Enthalpy at Temperature ([email protected])
  • Heat Capacity (Cp)
  • Enthalpy (Hz and Hs)
  • Heat of Formation at 25°C (H25) (only displayed in Build 138 or later)
  • The lower (LoT) and upper (HiT) temperature limits for valid Cp data of individual compounds

SDB Thermo1 138.png

  • The Species Property Data shown here is given for a temperature of 0°C and a pressure of 101.325 kPa.
  • The temperature (T) and pressure (P) can be changed to obtain species properties at different conditions.
  • Users can choose to display the data in either mass or mole basis. This is done via the Mass Basis check box, it toggles between the two options.
  • The SoluteMF is used to change the mass fraction of any species with Heat of Dilution Data.

Missing Heat of formation data

The H25 column is only displayed in Build 138 and later.

  • It will display heat of formation values at 25 (independent of the temperature setting at the top).
  • If the species has missing H25 data in the species database, then it will be marked with * and assumed a H value of 0 at 0°C.

  • SpeciesShortButton.png and SpeciesLongButton.png: The SpeciesTag buttons toggles between the short and long species names.
  • SpeciesConfbutton.png: Pressing the CopytoClipboard button will add selected Properties Data onto the clipboard.
  • SpeciesPropertiesbutton.png: The Reports button allows the user to copy selected data onto the clipboard.
  • Button - Filter On.png and Button - Filter Off.png: These buttons allow the user to filter the species to display only species that meet certain criteria. See Species Filter for details on how the species filter is used.

Heat of Dilution

If Heat of Dilution data has been entered for any species, then the user will be made aware of this with comment on the right of the data for that species (for example, refer to H2SO4(aq) in the above table). The Heat of Formation (Hf) will change with the mass fraction entered by the user in the SoluteMF box at the top of the page (under P).