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Navigation: User Guide ➔ Species Properties ($SDB) ➔ Elements Tab

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The Elements tab page displays the following information for elements:

  • The Atomic Number (AN) of the element (the elements are sorted alphabetically)
  • Hard-wired atomic weights (MoleWt) used by SysCAD for all elements
  • Species Count (SpCount) is the number of species in the project which contain this element. (only displayed in Build 138 or later)
  • The Standard Species (StdSpecies) for the element, used for delta Gibbs Free Energy calculations.
  • Valance States is the possible valence states of the element. (only displayed in Build 138 or later)

SDB Elements 138.png

The tick box All Elements at the top of the Tab page will toggle what is viewed on the page.
If this box is not checked then only Elements that are present in the current project are shown.