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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting
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Latest SysCAD Version: 31 May 2024 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.35544

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What does SysCAD do?

SysCAD is a powerful and versatile plant simulator that can be used to simulate the simplest processing circuit through to complex full plant operations.

  • General Applications Include:
    1. Process Design
    2. Mass and Energy Balance
    3. Evaluate Alternate Flowsheets
    4. Source of Process Data for Equipment Selection and Design
    5. Process Optimisation
    6. Process Understanding
    7. Training of Plant Engineers
    8. Production Loss Reporting
    9. Energy and Carbon Use Studies
    10. Water Use and Quality Management
    11. Research and Development
    12. Custom Integrated Solutions
  • Dynamic Applications Include:
    1. Plant Design
    2. Process Control Strategy Design
    3. Control System Testing
    4. Operator Training
    5. Production Planning
    6. Surge & Availability Studies
    7. Inventory Capacity Sizing
    8. Metallurgical Accounting

For more information, please see Applications and Features

How does SysCAD Work?

A brief description of the SysCAD workflow is as follows:

  1. A project configuration file is set up with a set of user-defined chemical compounds (via SysCAD Species Database and Configuration File).
  2. A process flowsheet is created by inserting Process Unit Models onto the Graphics Window. These process units are then linked together with Pipes.
  3. Process information is viewed in the Access Window, found by right-clicking on unit operations. This includes user input (white field) and result (grey field) data.
  4. SysCAD process units include:
  5. When solving a SysCAD project, the SysCAD Solver will build and solve a network of simultaneous equations internally. Users only need to supply information such as:
    • Feeder information such as Feed Rate, Temperature, Pressure and Composition.
    • Configuration information of each unit operation, such as Reactions, Mass Separation, Heat Transfer, etc.
    • Various controls to set constraints and/or set-points in the project.
    • SysCAD can handle any number of complex recycle streams within a project.
  6. When a project is solved, mass and energy will be balanced at each process unit and across the project.
  7. SysCAD results can be reported and exported for analysis (e.g. using Microsoft Excel).

What Solver mode and Add-ons does SysCAD have?

SysCAD is offered in two main solver modes (Steady State (ProBal) and Dynamic) with a number of optional add-ons.

  • The solver modes include a number of standard models
  • Both SysCAD solver modes will perform mass balance calculations.
  • To include any energy calculations the Energy Balance add-on is required.

SysCAD has a number of industry specific add-ons, some examples are:

The TCE (Thermodynamic Calculation Engines) Add-on allows SysCAD to be integrated with various 3rd party Thermodynamic Calculation Engines and databases, including any number of the following options to be used in SysCAD:

NEW from August 2022: ALL TCE Options are now included under a single TCE license add-on without the requirement to purchase separate SysCAD add-ons for OLI / PHREEQC / ChemApp or AQSol. Customers with an existing OLI add-on, PHREEQC add-on, ChemApp add-on or AQSol add-on will be entitled to use any of these options in Build 139 from August/September 2022.

Please see SysCAD Structure for more information on the various add-ons available in SysCAD.
Please see Models for detailed SysCAD models documentation.

Is Training required to use SysCAD?

It is strongly recommended that new users budget for some form of SysCAD training, as it has proven the most time and cost effective method of learning to use the software effectively.

KWA Kenwalt Australia (the owners and developers of the SysCAD software) offer formal and informal SysCAD training courses on an as needed basis.

The different types of training offered and course content are discussed in Training. Please contact us for pricing information or to discuss your individual needs.

Is self-help tutorial available?

To help new SysCAD users, a number of Tutorial documents and projects are available to demonstrate the many features and functionality in the SysCAD software.

  • These Tutorial documents and projects are discussed in Tutorial Overview.
  • Some Tutorial Videos are available here. The user can refer to these for quick demonstrations of selected SysCAD features/functions.

Are there Example Projects available?

A number of example projects are distributed with the SysCAD software. These have been created to show various different features of SysCAD as well as its use in different industries.

Please see Example Projects for more information.

What support and services are available?

Please see Support and Services

In addition to comprehensive online documentation, tutorials and example project, email support is provided by SysCAD team members located across the globe.

SysCAD team members are available to provide a range of consulting services. Please send enquires to [email protected]