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Latest SysCAD Version: 31 May 2024 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.35544

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The SysCAD Introductory Tutorial document is provided in the full SysCAD install. You may find this document at: ..\SysCADxxx\Tutorial\SysCADIntroductoryTutorial.pdf (or SysCADBasicTutorial.pdf in earlier versions).

  • This document provides descriptive and operational information to assist users become familiar with SysCAD functionality. In addition, it can be used as a helpful reference. Various exercises are included in this tutorial and it is recommended that you complete all the exercises.
  • The videos in this section of the Help documentation are intended to supplement the Tutorial Document, and to provide clarification to some of the sections.


  1. The videos are meant to be used together with the Introductory Tutorial document.
  2. Section 1 is an overview of the Tutorial and therefore there are no videos for this section. For the remaining sections, not all section topics are shown in the videos.
Section Page Link for Videos Brief Description
Section 2 Creating a SysCAD Project In this section the user will learn how to create, build and solve a simple SysCAD project.
Section 3 Project Configuration and Species Database In this section the user will learn how to import and add species to the SysCAD Species Database and how to edit the Project Configuration file to add species to the project.
Section 4 Access Window and Quick View In this section the user will learn how to configure unit operations, such as the Autoclave, and also go through the Access Window and Quick View functionality.
Section 5 Chemical Reactions In this section the user will learn how to add Reactions to a unit operation, in this case the Autoclave.
  • There are also a number of optional sections dealing with the SysCAD Reaction Editor, such as adding a Source, Sink, Heat Exchange and using the Reaction Set.
Section 6 Trend Windows, PID and Ratio Controllers This section describes Trend Windows and shows the user how to use 2 types of controller units in SysCAD:
  • The PID controller, which is a Feed Back controller and is used extensively in most projects; and
  • A Ratio controller, the Set Tag Controller, which is a simple Feed Forward controller.
Section 7 Merging and Modifying Projects In this section the user will learn how to:
  • Merge 2 SysCAD projects together;
  • Change a unit from one unit type (mathematical model) to another unit type;
  • Delete a unit or units;
  • Redraw a link;
  • Change the Size and Rotation of a unit;
  • Move a unit;
  • Change the appearance of a unit, without changing the underlying mathematical model;
  • Insert Text into a SysCAD flowsheet;
  • Use Data Transfer to configure multiple units;
  • Copy and Paste graphics; and
  • Connect flowsheets using the Feeder/Cross Page connector unit.
Section 8 General Controllers In this section the user will learn how to:
  • Insert a General Control unit and write a simple pgm file;
  • Add visibility to the pgm to allow the user to see the measured and calculated values in the General Controller access window;
  • Allow users to enter values for calculations from the Access Window of the General Controller;
  • Add maximum and minimum values for user values; and
  • Add a new Access Window to the General Controller and add some text to the Access Window.
Section 9 Makeups and EHX In this section the user will learn how to:
  • Insert and configure a Makeup Source;
  • Insert and configure a Makeup Block;
  • Enable the EHX sub-model in a unit and set the Temperature Drop option.
Section 10 Graphics Window and Bulk Tag Change In this section the user will learn how to change all of the pipe tags on a flowsheet using the Bulk Tag Change command.
Section 11 Excel Reports and Quickview In this section the user will learn how to:
  • Create and generate a simple Excel report with a list of values (a Tag List report);
  • Use Quickview to set up a Tag Select report in Excel;
  • Generate an Excel Report from SysCAD and also discusses a common error when generating Excel reports;
  • Use Quickview to set up a Table report with selected streams in Excel;
  • Create a Set Tag report in Excel (send values from Excel to SysCAD).