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Latest SysCAD Version: 18 May 2023 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.33001

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18 May 2023
Syscad icon small.png Build 139.33001 update released.
Gear icon.png Reaction Block improvements.
Gear icon.png Fix for crash with OLI units.
04 May 2023
Syscad icon small.png Build 139.32530 update released.
Tick icon.png New VS Code extension for PGM syntax highlighting
Tick icon.png Reaction Editor v1.5 and reaction block improvements
Tick icon.png New Target Stream split flows method
Gear icon.png Various unit model improvements and bug fixes
Gear icon.png Options to change graphics and trend line weight
Gear icon.png 'Upgrade Compatibility Checks' option to identify old models
Bulb icon.png To access new features, we recommend a full install for Build 139.32530


  • Build 139 officially released 25 August 2021 - see full Release Notes or summary below.
  • New-look Revision History for Build 139 incremental changes.
  • Product Blog "The_Feed" launched - latest SysCAD news, updates and information.
  • Discussion Pages - technical articles on new features and advanced modelling techniques.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn for product highlights, spotlight articles and company news.

Build 139

Latest SysCAD Version: 18 May 2023 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.33001

Build 138

Latest SysCAD 138 Version: 2 March 2022 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 138.30470

Build 139 Release Notes Summary

SysCAD 9.3 Build 139 was officially released 25 August 2021.

A summary table of changes and new features are shown below. Please click on the table headings for more information, or see Build 139 Release Notes for a more detailed summary.

New Models and Add-Ons Model Improvements User Interface Improvements

New TCE Add-Ons

Improved Models for each TCE Add-On

  • Model Configuration
  • Direct Calc
  • Side Calc
  • Reactor

New TCE Models


New Unit Models

Unit Model Improvements

Dynamic Unit Model Improvements

General Improvements

Graphics Improvements

Species Properties Improvements Other Improvements Project Upgrade | Changes that Affect Results

Species Properties Improvements

Please click on the following links for more detail: