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Zip Project

Command Path Project - Zip Project
Short Cut Key Ctrl+Alt+Z
  • This is used to create a copy of the project in the zipped format.
  • This action will open the zip project dialog:
    Zip project.png
    1. The default name. By default, file name will be incremented with every zip project command use.
    2. If this is ticked, user will be able to select the file location and type in a name for the zip file. Use this option if you only want to keep one zip project at any one time (by re-selecting the same file).
    3. User can type in a comment here, this is saved in the info.txt file inside the zip file. See below for what is included in the info.txt.
    4. Use "Save Project & ZIP" button to first save project and then zip the project files.
    5. Use "ZIP As Is" button to created the zip file without saving the project. Caution: If changes have been made and the project not saved, then these changes may not be included in the zip file (for example changes to unit model parameter, flowsheet graphics, etc).
  • The zip project command cannot be performed if SysCAD is running or solving.


  • Available in Build 139 and later.
  • This is not the same as zipping the entire project .spf folder using windows explorer, the "zip project" command only includes referenced files, the file list is as per Save Version.
  • Any temporary or unreferenced files (such as unused controls, unused graphics pages, csv files, etc) will not be included in the zip file.


The zip project info.txt file will be included in the zip file, providing some information about the project, an example is shown below:

ZipFile       : Demo Nickel Copper
BuildNumber   : SysCAD 9.3 Build:139.29458
Time (Local)  : 17:19:09 3/Sep/2021
Time (UTC)    : 7:19:09 3/Sep/2021
ProjectName   : Demo Nickel Copper Project
ProjectFiles  : C:\SysCAD139\Examples\40 Nickel\Demo Nickel Copper Project.spf\
ConfigName    : Nickel Example
CfgFiles      : C:\SysCAD139\Examples\40 Nickel\CfgFiles\
ComputerName  : xxxxx
UserName      : xxxxx
Comment       : back up before adding smelting flowsheet