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Build 138 Release Notes (Summary)
New Models Model Improvements User Interface Improvements New Add-Ons Other Improvements Changes that Affect Results Project Upgrade & Tag Changes

Latest SysCAD 138 Version: 2 March 2022 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 138.30470

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SysCAD 9.3 Build 138 general release was 06 June 2019, but was used selectively from April 2019. Build 138 is the third major release for SysCAD 9.3.

A summary table of the SysCAD 9.3 Build 138 changes are shown below. Please click on the Table heading for more information on that topic (OR click Build 138 Release Notes Full for List View).

New Models and Add-Ons Model Improvements Model Enhancements

New Models:

  • Solids Recovery Unit :
    • suitable for modelling solid recovery processes (e.g.: mags & spirals)
    • allows Concentrate, Middlings (optional) and Tailings as outlets
    • Solids Recovery can be based on grade or PSD

New Sub-Model:

New Add-Ons:

Significantly enhanced and detailed Pyrometallurgy and Aqueous Chemistry applications possible with:

  1. Model Configuration
  2. Direct Calc
  3. Side Calc
  4. Reactor
  • These add-ons are currently in BETA release, please contact us for more for information.
  • Feeder
    • New operation modes - designed to simplify data entry based on material type.
      Eg: Steam mode will contain only Steam on the DSp tab
    • The simplified data entry reduces possibility of incorrect data entry.
    • The General Operation mode retains the full functionality and flexibility.
    • The new Operation modes work with Demand functionality.
      Click here for an example.
  • Thermocompressor
    • New option to specify Discharge Pressure
    • demand calculation based on Primary or Secondary Steam inlets
  • Belt Filter:
    • Added option for user to load or save the wash loss data.
  • Feeder
    • New option (ConnectBlocked) to exclude feeders from crosspage connection list.
  • FEM Reactor:
    • New display options for analysis.
    • Improved messages and information for failed convergence.
    • Miscellaneous solver improvements for different conditions.
  • Flash Tank
    • Improve error reporting when feed saturation pressure is too high.
  • Makeup Block
    • new selections for Solids, Liquid and Vapour Species
    • better ranging of inputs.
  • Alumina Bayer Properties Model enhancement
User Interface Improvements Other Improvements Project Upgrade And Changes that Affect Results
  • View - PlantModel- Project tab - added new Project Information fields
    for project description and information, including two hyperlinks.
  • New Menu Command View - Project Description
    Tied to the hyperlink entered in PlantModel - DescLink.
    • For distributed example projects, using this command will open
      the SysCAD help page for the project description.
  • New Menu Command Help - Example Projects
    Opens Example Projects help page, providing example project description.
  • New option added to Insert Unit and Change Unit to "Show All"
    Allow display of all unit models in dlls without first editing the configuration file.
  • Species Flow Section - Expanded options on the EC page to include variables on an Individual Phase basis.
  • Species Filter - Expanded filter to display species with the largest flows.
    • display can be based on largest flows or minimum mass fraction.
  • Copy Full Tag for PGM:
    • Right click on an access window tag and select "Copy Tag for PGM"
      will copy the full tag with the PGM Tag Function syntax already in place.
      eg: ["P_001.Qo.Qm (t/h)"].
      User can use the tag directly inside the PGM file without having to
      add the [" "] syntax separately.
  • Tear simplification. - Single Tear model,
    replacing Tb_Flange (Tear Block) and Flange (SubClass Tear)
  • Increased limit on number of Individual Phases allowed from 32 to 250.
  • Added new Specific Heat equation NASAGlenn_Cp equation.
  • Additional tests and warnings during project load for inconsistent Entropy data.
  • Option in the Edit Configuration step 2 to perform entropy data check on project load.
  • Additional columns in the $SDB -Thermo1 and $SDB -Thermo2 tabs for H25 and S25 values.
    • Warnings will be given for species with missing H25 and S25 data.
  • Added Gibbs Free Energy to stream display under Entropy section.
  • Added Gibbs Free Energy function to the predefined PGM - Species Database Class.
  • Added new functions (SetIdentity, Invert, CopyInvert, Determinant, solve and copysolve) to the predefined PGM - Matrix Class and improved Watch.
  • Implemented support for larger numbers of species with PSD in projects.
  • Potash Properties Utility utility updated with 64 bit version now available.

"Tutorial & Examples"

  • Updated Tutorial documentation. Please see Tutorial in the Help documentation.
  • Example Projects distributed with SysCAD have been updated
  • New Example projects have been added. (e.g.: SOP)
  • Menu command Help | Example Projects will open the Example Projects help page.

"Under the Hood" Changes

  • Reduced memory use for projects allowing even larger projects with more species.
  • Moved Belt Filter, Solvent Extraction Unit and Washer from Separ1.dll to Separation.dll.
  • Compiled with Microsoft C++ 2017.
  • Significantly enhanced SMDK (SysCAD Model Developers Kit).
  • Various general and solver speed improvements.

Changes that may Affect Results

  • Thermocompressor 1D Model - S&K Data & Full Steam 1D Model methods:
    • using excess energy to either superheat or condense steam.
    • may result in a reduced heatflow & changed final product T.
  • Thermocompressor model improvements
    • HeatFlow - sign reversed to correctly report Energy Out - Energy In.
  • Makeup Block changes:
    • Selection of elements is limited to what is present in the project.
    • If "invalid" elements were previously selected,
      the user will receive a warning on load and it will appear
      as a blank selection in the makeup block configuration.
  • Entropy value reporting may show different value if Entropy data is missing in the species database.

Project Upgrade

  • Project will be auto-upgraded to use the new "Tear" formats.
  • Precipitator3 Bound Soda Hunter & Fixed% Methods
    • Option to use corrected calculation methods in 138.
      Using the corrected calculations methods may require model returning
      for bound soda and bound organics precipitation values.
  • Preciptitator3 - Agglomeration Cutoff Fixes
    • Option to use corrected calculation methods in 138.
      Using the corrected calculations methods may require model returning

Tag Changes:

Build 137 was the second major release for SysCAD 9.3. (31st October 2017). Build 136 was the first official release of SysCAD 9.3 (12th November 2015).
For notes on upgrading SysCAD projects from 9.2 to 9.3 see Upgrade to SysCAD 9.3. See Build 137 Release Notes, Build 136 Release Notes and Revision History.