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Latest SysCAD Version: 18 May 2023 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.33001

Command Icon Shortcut Keys Brief Description Full Documentation / NOTES
Run Runbutton.png CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+R Starts the SysCAD simulation.
  • While SysCAD simulation is running, user can make value changes to access and trend windows.
  • Some project commands requires SysCAD to be stopped, these commands will be greyed out while SysCAD is running.
Stop Stopbutton.png CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+E Stops the SysCAD simulation.
Idle Pausebutton.png CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+I This will pause a dynamic or Steady State simulation once it has completed the current iteration.
  • Useful in Dynamic mode: pause the simulation to check the state of the model without stopping the dynamic run (especially if it was a timed event).
  • This command may not pause SysCAD immediately, especially if the project runs slowly. Check the Status Bar.
Step Stepbutton.png CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+T Runs the SysCAD simulation for one iteration or one timestep. This is very useful for debugging a project, as it allows the user to advance the project one step at a time.
MultiStep = n MultiStepbutton.png CtrlKey.pngAltKey.png+T Available from Build 139. Runs the SysCAD simulation for multiple dynamic time steps (or ProBal iterations), the number of steps can be selected from Set MultiStep menu option (see below) or in Plant Model. n is the current number of steps. This is very useful for debugging a project, as it allows the user to advance the project a few steps at a time.
Set MultiStep Available from Build 139. Sets the number of steps to be used by the MultiStep menu function (see above). MultiStep defaults to 5, user can select other multisteps values, these are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 60 and 100.
Run to Steady State SteadyStatebutton.png This will run a Dynamic model to steady state. Steady state is defined as the point where the flows, levels and concentrations no longer change. The results from this will be the same as those obtained from a converged steady state model.
Solve Flows
Group Operations CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+G This brings up the Graphics Flowsheet Group Operation Dialog box. A user can select multiple Graphics OR Areas to perform certain actions such as:
  • Activate / Deactivate flowsheets (this replaces the Solver Settings - Active Page Tab)
  • Delete / Close flowsheets
  • Reset / Remove Qualities
  • Graphis page display actions such as resize tags, add breaks to lines and so on.
See Group Operations for more information.
Reset CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+Z Reset calculated results and models states for the project. See Reset for more information.
Process Only valid for Dynamic projects, It will empty all pipes and flow values when the run begins
Control Only valid for Dynamic projects, it will reset all controllers back to 'Base' state, i.e. the same state as when the controller is first inserted into the project. This is mainly relevant for PID controllers.
Statistics Only valid for Dynamic projects, resets all Statistical blocks
Events/Profiles Only valid for Dynamic projects, resets all Event and profile blocks back to start time
Empty Only valid for Dynamic projects, It will empty all surge contents, tanks, conveyors, multistore, etc. regardless of presence of Preset image.
Preset Only valid for Dynamic projects, It will apply all user defined Preset action for models. Currently this is only applicable for tanks with surge where a Preset image and options can be set.
Remove Qualities The Remove Qualities command will clear the qualities information from all models and streams in a project. Used to clear unwanted qualities build up in recycle streams. See Remove Qualities for more information.
Contents to Preset Only valid for Dynamic projects. This command copies the current composition of the surge content to the Preset Image. This means that the next time a Preset action is performed, the composition will match the current contents of the surge. This can be performed on individual tanks using the CopyContentToPreset button on the Settings tab of the Tank access window.
Set Time to Zero Sets time to Time zero. (Time zero in SysCAD is in seconds and corresponds to midnight January 1 1970.)