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Latest SysCAD Version: 31 May 2024 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.35544

Available from Build 139.

NOTE: This command menu is only available if a TagList Window is currently active.

TagList Command Icon Shortcut Keys Brief Description Full Documentation Link
New TagList Window NewDocument.png CtrlKey.png+N Open a new TagList Window
Open Document OpenDocument.png CtrlKey.png+O Used to open a TagList page that is currently closed See Open Document for more information.
Save/Rename As CtrlKey.pngShiftKey.png+A Saves a copy of the active TagList Window as a different name. See Save/Rename As for more information.
Delete/Close TagList Window Delete/Closes the active TagList Window See Close/Delete TagList Window for more information and warnings.
Refresh Values Refresh.png All TagList Windows are refreshed and the tag values are updated.
Reconnect All Tags All TagList Windows are rebuilt and all tags are reconnected (as if all tags were removed and re-added). If any tags are invalid, they are reported as errors in the Message Window.
Options Open the General Options - Tag List Tab, used to set display options for each Tag List page. See General Options TagList for more information.