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Latest SysCAD Version: 17 January 2023 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.32335

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How can I set the initial contents of a tank in a Dynamic project?

There are two main ways to set the contents of a tank.

  1. Set the contents directly usually mass and temperature (or level and temperature) on the Content pages of the tank.
  2. Use the Preset functionality on the Settings page. To set the composition, tick the UseImage box and enter the desired composition values on the PresetImg page.

The setting of the desired values (both direct sets and preset settings) can be set in a number of ways:

  1. Using a Set Tag List. Either use the SetDuringInit option or use the Tag List to set before initialisation section in the Plant Model - Project Tab.
  2. Using a General Controller, inside an InitialiseSolution() subroutine.
  3. Using an Excel Set Tag Report before running.
  4. Manually setting the values before running.

The Preset functionality can be activated locally or globally by any of the methods described above for setting values described above. In addition, the Preset can be activated globally by going to the Dynamic Start Options and ticking the Preset box. When using the global Preset option, the AllowGlobal box must be ticked on the Settings page of the tank/s in which it is desired to use Preset.


  1. Ensure you are not trying to set the tank contents via two different methods. As well as directly setting the contents of the tank and using the Preset functionality, there is an option to Empty the contents of tanks (check Dynamic Start Options).
  2. Make sure your setting of variables are performed early enough in the initialisation stage. If the Set Tag List or General Controller appear to be setting tags too late, then consider using the Set Tag List in the Plant Model - Project or methods such as an Excel Set Tag Report which sets the tags prior to running the model.

Why won't SysCAD Dynamic restart?

When running in dynamic mode there are a number of different options (e.g. run forever, run n steps, etc.) For options with a fixed time duration or number of steps, you must tell SysCAD what to do after it finishes running and you press the start button again. One of the options is to ignore restart and for this option when you try to restart SysCAD after running a scenario you will get is a message saying "Scenario Complete - Restart Ignored". You can change the completion behavior or manually reset a scenario to run SysCAD again. See Solver Setting - Scenario tab page. NB the length of run can be set from the "Edit/SolverSetup" pop-up window, but you must use the "View/Solver Settings" window to change action on completion or reset scenario.

Why does SysCAD Dynamic reload with Empty Streams?

Problem: when a dynamic project is reloaded, some of the unit operations which previously had contents are empty.

Solution: A dynamic project with layered tanks, conveyors, etc. may not be saving all of the required information about the contents of those units so that they are empty when the project starts. This can be fixed by ticking the Save Object Files (extra state/result info) button in the Project Save Options Dialog box. This will force SysCAD to save all of the information about the contents of these units so it is available when a project is reloaded. See Project Save As.

NB: this option can also be selected via Tools/General Options/Project.