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Below are short useful examples of features and capabilities in SysCAD. These Tips & Tricks compliment general documentation and tutorials.

List of Tips & Tricks

eTip: Changing Unit Models - The 'Change Unit' command allows the user to change the unit operation type (e.g.: 'Tank' to a 'Thickener') without deleting the existing unit model.

eTip: Quick View Excel Report Template - The 'Quick View' editor can be used to quickly prepare 'Excel Reports' using the 'Copy to Clipboard' and 'Paste' functionality.

eTip: Controlling phase fraction using Makeup Blocks - An effective method of controlling the solids composition of a stream is to use a 'Makeup Block'.

eTip: Controlling Concentration using Makeup Blocks - A simple method of controlling species or elemental concentration using a 'Makeup Block'.

eTip: Flowsheet Navigation using Mouse Control - SysCAD flowsheet navigation is easy and quick using the dynamic mouse wheel control.

eTip: User Species Calculations - Display a custom species calculation in all streams in a project by using the project configuration file.

eTip: Graphics Window Drawing Grids - Displays Drawing Grids to assist with Flowsheet Development.