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The 'Quick View' editor can be used to quickly prepare 'Excel Report' templates using the 'Copy to Clipboard' functionality.


SysCAD reports are generated in Excel using SysCAD report 'keywords' and a list of SysCAD tags. The 'keywords' are usually typed manually into Excel while the tags are usually copied one by one from SysCAD into Excel. A quick and easy way of copying a Report template to Excel via the clipboard is to use the Quick View Editor.


Did you know

  • By using this method you can quickly create a report which details the 'Quick View' data for all the streams in your project.
  • By editing either the 'Quick View' or the Excel report directly you can easily add or remove variables from the report.


The pictures below show an example of creating a horizontal 'Tag Select' report template using the 'Quick View' Editor. For more detail refer to Copy Data for Excel Reports.

Quick View Excel Report Template1.png

Quick View Excel Report Template2.png