ETip: Controlling Concentration using Makeup Blocks

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Makeup Blocks can be used as a quick and efficient means to control species or elemental concentration, instead of using a PID or General Controller.


Using a Makeup Block to control the concentration of a species or element in a unit is quick and easy to configure and will improve solution convergence and speed.


To configure elemental concentration control in a unit using a Makeup Block:

  • Add a Makeup Source to the flowsheet with the required species composition.
  • Add a Makeup Block to the required unit, refer to 'Adding a Makeup Block to a Unit'.
  • Select up the required Makeup Source.
  • Select Model = 'Product Concentration'.
  • For 'Product Mass Measurement' select 'Element'.
  • Choose the required element from the drop down list.
  • Select 'Product Volume Measurement' = 'Phase'.
  • Tick 'Liquids'.
  • Enter the required product concentration.

Did you know

  • The user only needs to add and configure a single Makeup Source to feed many different units in a project.
  • Since the Source is not connected to the Makeup Blocks with a standard links, there is no need for multiple links to be constructed.


The pictures below show an example of using water addition to dilute the Nickel concentration to 75 g/L.

Makeup eTip 2.png