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SysCAD flowsheet navigation is easy and quick using the dynamic mouse wheel control.


It is a quick and easy alternative to navigate around the flowsheet using the mouse wheel rather than using the icons on the zoom toolbar.


  • To move the flowsheet vertically up or down, simply roll the mouse wheel up or down.
  • To use the dynamic zoom function, click and hold down the control button and then roll the mouse wheel forward to Zoom In, or backwards to Zoom Out.
  • To use the pan function, click and hold mouse wheel button and drag the mouse.

Did you know

  • You can zoom in to a specific area by first moving the cursor over the required area before dynamically zooming in.
  • You can 'Zoom All' by double clicking the mouse wheel button.
  • You can change the Mouse Wheel actions in the Options - Mouse menu to suit your personal preferences.


The pictures below show the window position when using the dynamic zoom. The zoom window follows the position of the cursor.