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This page is for the Build139, for Build138 and earlier, please see Model Data Transfer 138


This section details how model configuration parameters can be transferred from one unit to another. This is really useful when configuring a number of units with the same set-up, e.g thickeners in a CCD circuit, precipitators, etc.

Unit model configuration data can be transferred in the following ways:

  • Transferred between unit models of the same type within the same project.
  • Saved to a block - text file.
  • Transferred from a pre-saved block to unit models.

The Data Transfer command can be accessed in a number of ways:

  1. Via the Right click on Access Window variables, when the selected variable is a writeable field.
  2. Via the Options button on the Access Window of any unit
  3. From the pop-up menu on the graphics window.

In the next section, we will use the first option listed above as an example.

Data Transfer variable selection

User can select the variables to be transferred before entering the Data Transfer dialogue:

To Select Variables Beforehand:

  1. On the Access Window, select one or more variable to be transferred Button Small 1.png, if user has made a change to the select variable (value will be in blue font), then please press the OK button first to apply the change (value will be in black font) before selecting data transfer.
  2. Right click on the variable (must be writeable) to bring up the pop up menu, select Data Transfer from the bottom of the list Button Small 2.png.
  3. The Data Transfer Dialog box will open, with the selected variables Marked for transfer Button Small 3.png(shown by tick marks)
    • If the Data Transfer dialogue box was started from the "Access Window - Options button" or "Graphics Window right click", then user will need to select the variable(s) from the list manually.
    • In the above example, we have selected more fields (QmReqd, T_Reqd and P_Reqd) by clicking the the required variables.
  4. The variables should be in the same order as they appear on the access window, if the variable belongs to a sub group, user will have to click on the Explorer Window subgroup.png to access the sub group variables. Button Small 4.png
    • If user wants to select all the fields, simply click on the Datatranferall.png button (to the left of the red box in the above picture).
  5. The data of the selected variables can be transferred to other unit operations of the same unit type in the same project, or they can be saved to a file block (inert link here) to be used later in another project.
  6. The Destination will be either a list of other units or a list of block files, depending on the selection above.
  7. The Destination list can be filtered to display only the relevant units.
  8. Press the Select All button to select all displayed units. If no filter is used, then this selects all units of the selected model type.
  9. Press the Transfer button to complete the data transfer to the selected Destination units (or blocks).
  10. Press Close to close the dialog box.


  • The Unit Type List box will default to the unit type you have started the Data Transfer from. User can click on this list box to change to different model type
  • The Source: Selected Unit pull down list contains all units of the chosen model type currently in the project. User can click on this list box to select a different unit model.
  • Only configuration fields can be copied, i.e. white data fields. Any calculated or derived information is ignored when data is transferred.
  • The More button on the top right-hand corner opens the previewing pane for the copied fields. Once this is pressed, the button changes to the Less button. Use this to close the previewing pane.
  • When SysCAD is busy transferring data, the mouse cursor will change into the hourglass icon. When the mouse pointer returns to normal, the data transfer is complete. A message will appear in the Message Window informing the completion of data transfer.

Transferring Data

The Data Transfer can be completed in three ways:

  1. Data from a unit model can be copied to other unit models in the same project. (The data to be copied must have been confirmed first by pressing OK, values must be in black colour)
  2. Data from a unit model can be copied into a file block to be used by other projects later.
  3. Data can be copied from a saved file block to the current project.

Copy from Unit to Unit

DataTransferUU.png Make the selection in as per the picture. This will allow you to copy from a selected unit to another unit of the same model type within the current project. The steps for data transfer is listed in Data Transfer variable selection.

Copy from Unit to Block

DataTransferUB.png The unit data can be copied from a selected unit to a block - text file for further use. (Stored in ../SysCADxxxx/project group/cfgfiles/Options.CopyBlockData.ini)

The steps for data transfer is listed in Data Transfer variable selection, this will be for step Button Small 6.png

  • Press New to save to the data to a new block name.
    Type in a name for the block, eg, Feed1 and click OK.
  • Select the block to copy to,
    then follow the instructions given in Data Transfer variable selection to finish the data transfer.
  • To see the copied data, <menu command>Project - Open Containing Folder - Configuration Folder (or Ctrl + Alt + X), and open the "Options.CopyBlockData.ini" file using a text editor. We can see the variables and data is being saved for Feed1:
  • This saved data can now be used in the project later or in other projects in the same project group folder.

Copy from Block to Unit


Unit data can be copied from a data block to a selected unit. (Data saved in ../SysCADxxxx/project group/cfgfiles/Options.CopyBlockData.ini).

To see the copied data, <menu command>Project - Open Containing Folder - Configuration Folder (or Ctrl + Alt + X), and open the "Options.CopyBlockData.ini" file using a text editor.

Open the Data Transfer Dialog, make sure the Unit Type is selected is correct (ie contains the copied data transfer data).

  • The Source section will display any saved data transfer block data for the selected Unit Type.
  • The Destination section will list the all unit operation of the selected Unit Type user can copy the data to.
  • Select the block to copy from, then follow the instructions given in Data Transfer variable selection step Button Small 6.png onwards to finish the data transfer.