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The Solver Status window is visible when the Project is being solved in ProBal (Steady State) mode.

Solverstatus93 01.png

This window will close automatically when the project is stopped, however, user can click on the Pin icon while the window is visible or select the Keep Status Display Pinned option from ProBal Setup to keep it visible after the project is solved.

This window will display useful information about the project convergence, to view more detailed information, user can click on the Errors button to see the 5 worst errors. When the Error value is < 1.0 the convergence variable is considered converged (or "solved") for the specified tolerances. The Error value shown is the Normalised Relative Error calculated as described in Tolerance Testing.

The number of significant digits shown for Error and Value is based on the global relative tolerance specified.

Solverstatus93 02.png

The information provided in the solver status window will include:

  1. Unsolved PID controllers - Value column will show the actual PID output value, and the Error column will show the Normalised Relative Error based on the setpoint and the measured values. The Error is also shown as tag CvgError in the individual PID.
  2. Tear Streams (for recycles) - Value column will show the "guess" value in the tear block, and the Error column will show the Normalised Relative Error based on the "guess" and the actual value.
  3. Flash Train Macro (for pressure balance) - as above.

User can access the related unit operation by double clicking on any of the error tags shown on the list.

To see more information about the solver status or access any of the information from the Solver Status (or reporting), please see Solver Setting - Convergence