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Navigation: User Guide ➔ Menu Commands ➔ Tools ➔ General Options

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Command Button GeneralOptionButton.png
Command Path Tools - General Options
Short Cut Key Ctrl+A

The General dialog box is shown above. Each Tab in this dialog box will be explained separately. Please follow the appropriate link for more information. A quick list of options for each tab are list below:

Option Tabs Brief Description
General Options Include: Text Editor Location, Reaction Editor Location, Explorer Window Load Option and Other General Selections
Access Options Include:Editing Options and Help Database Options
Find Options Include:Visible Fields for Find Results, Filter Options, Copy results to clipboard options and Customised look and feel of the Find dialog box
Toolbars Used to: Switch on/off toolbars and Customise Toolbar Buttons
Project Options Include:Tag Change options, Database save options and Statistic Filename
Graphics Options Include:Graphics Window Sizing Options, Graphics Page Title Selection, Frame Margin and Drawing Grids options
Drawing Options Include:Unit/Link Tag Display options, Default Insert Link Graphics options, Link Arrow Style, Link Break options and Text Size
Colours Options Include: Background Colour Scheme and Unit/Link Status Colour Selection
Mouse Options Include:Mouse click Action customisation and Mouse Wheel Speed and options
Trends General Trend Options, Trend Window Sizing options and Historian Record default options in Trend
TagList General TagList Options (Only available in Build139 and later)


  • In Build 137, the More Tab page has been renamed Access.