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General Description

The Queue Profiler is used to set process variable changes based on a trigger command. The user may set any number of tags on each trigger command.

Queue Profile Format

  1. The first row in the Queue Profile may contain headings made up with valid SysCAD Tags.
    • If the TagsInHeading selection box is ticked, these valid SysCAD tags will be automatically loaded into SysCAD.
    • If the TagsInHeading selection box is NOT ticked, the first row is ignored by SysCAD.
    • For SysCAD Tags that includes engineering units, put tag in single quotes ' '. For example 'MINE_FEED.QmReqd (t/h)'.
    • If SysCAD finds a blank column or an invalid tag, all remaining tags are ignored.
    • Queue Profiles do not support string tags.
  2. The columns in the profile should contain data that must be read.
  3. The maximum columns loaded into SysCAD profile model will be 250.

Example Queue Profile

Feed_FC.Cfg.[0].Spt 'COOLINGWATER.T_Reqd (C)' 'FV102.Posn.Reqd (%)'
200 20 100
200 25 90
100 46 95
200 36 100
200 75 90

How to use a Queue Profile

The Queue profile can operate in two ways:

  1. Manually press the Advance Row button to move along the queue.
  2. Used in conjunction with another unit operation such as a General controller to program in the queue logic. User can set up logic so that once a condition is met, the queue advances to the next row.


Queue Profile: Queue.csv

 MINE_FEED.QmReqd (t/h)

PGM file: QueueLogic.pgm

  Bit	  Advance*
  REAL	  Value@("Qm", "t/h")  

  If Advance 
     ["QC_001.AdvanceRow"] = 1  ;This will advance the queue profile to the next in line.
     Advance = 0

  Value = ["P_011.Qm (t/h)"]

Data Sections

Summary of Data Sections

  1. QueueProfile tab - Contains general information relating to the unit.
  2. Info tab - Contains general settings for the unit and allows the user to include documentation about the unit and create Hyperlinks to external documents.

Queue Controller Page

Unit Type: QueueProfile - The first tab page in the access window will have this name.

Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description/Calculated Variables / Options
Tag Display This name tag may be modified with the change tag option.
Condition Display OK if no errors/warnings, otherwise lists errors/warnings.
ConditionCount Display The current number of errors/warnings. If condition is OK, returns 0.
GeneralDescription / GenDesc Display This is an automatically generated description for the unit. If the user has entered text in the 'EqpDesc' field on the Info tab (see below), this will be displayed here.
If this field is blank, then SysCAD will display the UnitType or SubClass.
On Tick Box Enables or disables the Queue Profile Blocks.
Folder Display The full path of the Queue profile.
File Input The file name of the Queue profile. Relative File Path can be used. Note: this file must be created first. File can be txt or csv format.
Status Display The status of the Queue profile with a brief summary of the file.
Edit Button Allow the user to edit the file.
Browse Button Use this button to Browse for the file.
TagCount Input The number of columns being read from the queue profile, maximum is 250.
TagsInHeading Tick Box Uses the first row of the Queue profile as output tags. If this is selected but the tags on the QO tab page is not filled in automatically, simply press the Reload or Reload_Restart button to force load the tag names.
SetAtStartup Tick Box Available from Build 138.25899. If ticked, the model will set the output tag during initialisation to the value in the StartRow.
SetTagAlways Tick Box If not ticked, the model will only set the output tag when the value changes. Therefore if the user or another controller changes the same tag during intermediate time steps it will not be overwritten by this model until the next event occurs. If not ticked, the output tag will not have the controlled indicators (yellow background, triangle indicators, etc.). If ticked the model will set the output tag every iteration with the Queue profile current value.
WrapAround Tick Box If this box is selected, then when the queue profile reaches the last entry in the file, it will start again from the beginning. If not, the value will remain being the last value in the file.
Set StartRow to 0 to go to beginning and not set tags at Restart.
StartRow Input This is the starting row number. User can start the queue at any valid row. If this is set to -1 then the queue is at the beginning and output values (and tags) are not set (i.e. becomes "inactive").
Reload Button Reloads the Queue Profile.
Restart Button Restarts the Queue Profile from the first row.
Reload_Restart Button Reloads and Restarts the Queue Profile from first row.
ShowCnv Tick box If this is selected, the engineering units used will be shown with the variable value.
TrackEmptyFile Tick Box If this box is selected, then no condition warning will be given if the queue profile file exists but is empty (has no data rows).
Check Tags Button SysCAD will perform a check on the validity of the tags used.
CurRow Input This is the current row number the queue is at. If this is set to -1 then output values (and tags) are not set (i.e. becomes "inactive").
AdvanceRow Button Use this button to advance to the next row in the queue profile.
RowCount Display The total number of rows of data in the queue profile.


Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description
The values for the profile tags are listed as a table with the following fields.
Qx Display The Profile Tag number
Value Display The value read from the queue profile.
OutputTag Input This is the manipulated variable. Note: only white, changeable data fields can be used here. If the TagsInHeading tick box is selected, then the tags present in the first row of the profile will be used here. If the tag is not automatically filled in after the TagsInHeading is selected, press the Reload or Reload_Restart button on the first Tab page, this will force load the profile tags.

Adding this Model to a Project

Add to Configuration File

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Units/Links Control 2: Queue Profile

See Model Selection for more information on adding models to the configuration file.

Insert into Project Flowsheet

  Insert Unit Control 2 Queue Profile

See Insert Unit for general information on inserting units.

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