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Dynamic Planning Example.png

Project Location

This is a Dynamic Transfer project and is stored at: ..\SysCADXXX\ExamplesDynamic\Planning Example.spf

Features Demonstrated

  1. Use of Profile to add feed at variable rates over time
  2. Use of Queue Profile + General Controller logic to ship out the required products.
  3. Use of the General Controller Logic for Cost / Revenue analysis.
  4. Use of the General Controller Logic to set equipment limitations.
  5. Use of a Multi-Storage unit operation to store the different products.
  6. Use of a Conveyor Belt unit operation to transfer material.
  7. Use of Material Tracking to track source of ore in final product.
  8. Use of the Archive Reporter to report results at regular intervals.

Brief Description

This is a simple material transfer project demonstrating how to handle product storage, shipping and production planning issues.

Material is sourced from 5 different locations producing 3 different products. These products are stored in the PortStockpiles to wait in queue to be shipped away to customers. User can use the results from Financials (General Controller) to plan for the best production ratio to maximise profit.

Material Tracking has been enabled so that the contribution of ore from each of the 5 pits to the products can be reported.

The Archive Reporter has been enabled and several tables have been defined to report results at regular intervals. The results are saved in csv files.

Project Configuration


Excel Report

Port Demo Model Front End.xls - allows the user to run SysCAD via Excel.

Output Results and Graphs.xls - contains macros which reads and graphs the archived results (saved in csv files) of the model run.