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This page is for Build 139 and later, for Build 138 or earlier, please see Plant Model - Soluble Tab 138.


If you are using the Potash Solubility, please see Potash Solubility for a description of the relevant fields on this tab. The fields described here are relevant for General solubility only.

Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description / Calculated Variables / Options
Solubility Display Options
UserDefined.Show Tickbox Display the values calculated using the solubility curves in the Species Database.
ShowExtraInfo.PC Tickbox Show additional information related to solubility on all PC tabs.
ShowExtraInfo.Stream Tickbox Show additional information related to solubility in all pipes.
Solubility (User) Display Configuration
Species Pair.Solubility definition name Tickbox Each Species that has a defined solubility curve in the species database will have a separate field. The user may select to display or hide the information for each species.