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Latest SysCAD Version: 31 May 2024 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.35544

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Available from Build 139.35544.

General Description

This model can be used to simulate either a single Hydrocyclone, or a cluster of Hydrocyclones.

The Hydrocyclone model is designed to split solids based on size distribution. Therefore, the feed should contain solids with size distribution information. The model will calculate the split of solids between the under and over flows based on the cut point (either calculated or defined) and the size distribution of the feed stream. The user can select any of the following methods:

  • User defined partition curve
  • Reid-Plitt partition curve
  • Whiten-Beta partition curve
  • Nageswararao cyclone model
  • Nageswararao-Mainza cyclone model
  • Nageswararao-Mainza (multi-component version) cyclone model
  • Plitt cyclone model

Requires Met Dynamics Add-On and license from Met Dynamics.


MD Hydrocyclone.png

The diagram shows the default drawing of the Hydrocyclone, with all of the streams that are required for operation of the unit.

The physical location of the streams connecting to the Hydrocyclone is unimportant. The user may connect the streams to any position on the unit.

Inputs and Outputs

Label Required
Number of Connections Description
Min Max
Feed Required In 1 10 The slurry feed/s to the unit
OverFlow Required Out 1 1 The over flow from the unit
UnderFlow Required Out 1 1 The under flow from the unit

Model Theory and Data Sections

Please refer to following Met Dynamics wiki pages for further information:

Adding this Model to a Project

Add to Configuration File

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Units/Links Met Dynamics: Hydrocyclone
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Units/Links Met Dynamics: Hydrocyclone

See Model Selection for more information on adding models to the configuration file.

Insert into Project Flowsheet

  Insert Unit Met Dynamics Hydrocyclone

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