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The SysCAD species database is where the user can define the thermodynamic data for chemical species to be used in the project. The chemical species can be anything from elemental species to pseudo-compounds.

There are two Species Database in SysCAD:

  1. Default.93.db3 - This is the distributed main database, stored in the \SysCADxxx\Base files folder. See BaseFiles Folder.
    • This database contain some common chemical species for general use.
    • We normally do not recommend editing this database as it will be overwritten if SysCAD is re-installed or the BaseFiles are updated. User specified properties will be lost if this file is overwritten.
  2. SysCAD.93.db3 - This is the project database, normally one of these files will be created per project group. See Project Structure.
    • This database should contain all the chemical species to be used in the project.
    • User can import data into this database from the Default.93.db3, other SysCAD project databases (SysCAD.93.db3) or other general SysCAD format databases (eg NASA_Glenn_Gas.93.db3). It is possible to import from HSC database. See Importing Data.

Editing Species Database

Please see Editing User Species Database for how to edit the species database.

Please also see Species Tags for species naming rules.

Adding Species to the Project

Once the species data are defined in the species database, species can be added to the project by selecting them in the project configuration file. For more information on this, please see Species Configuration.

Implementation in SysCAD