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Size Configuration (Summary) Sieve Series Size Distribution Measurements

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This page is for Build 137 or later. For earlier builds, please see Size Configuration 9.3


This page allows the user to specify which measurements they wish to be calculated for each stream species that has a size distribution associated with it. These measurements appear on the MSz tab page when viewing the Access pages.


Distribution Button Small 1.png This will have a list of the distributions that have been defined in the project. Select the Distribution for which you wish to define measurements.
Measurement List Button Small 2.png Add Button Add a new measurement.
Remove Button Remove an existing measurement.
Measurement Details
Name The user types in the required measurement name, for example:
  • P80 = the screen size through which 80% of the particles will pass;
  • m100 = the fraction of particles that will pass 0.1mm.
Type Button Small 3.png SizePassFrac Size at specified cumulative passing fraction
FracPassSize Cumulative passing fraction at specified size
FracRetainSize Cumulative retained fraction at specified size
MassPassSize Cumulative passing mass at specified size
MassRetainSize Cumulative retained mass at specified size
PPG Total Particle Count per Mass of solids, please see MSz page for more information.
SAM Surface Area per Gram, please see MSz page for more information.
SAL Surface Area per Litre of liquids, please see MSz page for more information.
APD Average particle diameter based on Fraction Passing and Geometric mean size of each size interval
Spread Difference in sizes at two specified cumulative passing fractions.
MassRangeSize Mass flow between two different size ranges.
FracRangeSize Mass Fraction between two different size ranges.
Text This is a Text Label that will appear on the MSz page
Value: Size or Fraction Calculate the fraction or size at (SizePassFrac and FracPassSize only)
Conversion Unit selection Allows user to specify units from a drop down list.
Measurements Button Small 4.png The List of defined measurements. The order in which the measurements appear here is the order that the measurements are displayed in the Size Measurements Data Sections (MSz Tab).
Display Order: Button Small 5.png Up Button Move the display order of the selected measurement up the list.
Down Button Move the display order of the selected measurement down the list.
Set to Default Measurements Button If this button is pressed, the list of measurements will be reset to the default list (including default order).
Count Factor Button Small 6.png This is a correction factor which may be used to account for particle geometry. This value is used when calculating:
SpN - Number of Particles per unit mass of solids; and
Qn - Number of Particles per unit time.
Please see Sz Definitions for more information on the equations that use this value.


  1. If the size specified is between two size intervals, then interpolation (usually on cumulative distribution data) is used to calculate the size or cumulative fraction passing of interest. The Interpolation Method used is specified by the user.
  2. The PPG number will ignore the count factor.