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Latest SysCAD Version: 23 April 2024 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.35250

Stand-alone Software License

This is machine based STAND-ALONE software license, mainly used for license lease, training license or trial license.

The SysCAD License can be located in any folder on the computer. The default folder location for the license files is \SysCADXXX\License. The license information is stored in this folder.

The license can be issued in two ways:

  1. Within SysCAD - When a license is issued from within SysCAD, the license location can be selected by the user.
  2. Using SysCAD Licensing Utility (syscad.exe) - When a license is issued using the License utility, the license location is the folder in which "syscad.exe" is located. Then when running SysCAD, ensure that the license location is set to point at the folder where the license utility is located.

Requesting a Software License

License Authorisation from Within SysCAD

For trial licenses, please refer to Trial Users.

Download and Install SysCAD software, make sure the person installing SysCAD has local administration rights to the computer, to obtain a SysCAD license,

  1. With SysCAD started in demo mode, <menu command> “License\License Authorisation”
    License Authorisation.png
  2. You will be shown a dialog box with a Site Code.
  3. If using Build139 or later, please press the EmailSiteCodebutton.png Button Small 3a.png button to auto-generate an mail (may depend on email setup and IT permissions) and send it to SysCAD license.
    If using Build138 or earlier, or if EmailSiteCodebutton.png fails, please press the LicenseCopytoClipboardbutton.png Button Small 3.png button and paste the information into an email, send this to [email protected].
    Sample information given below:
    SysCAD Version:SysCAD 9.3 Build:139.28242
    CrypKey Version:8.0 NGN Build:8058
    Current License:Not Licensed
    License Info:Demo Mode
    License Location: C:\SysCAD139\License\
  4. Within 1 business day, the SysCAD License Team will email back a Site Key (this is not auto-generated).
  5. Once the site key is obtained, paste it in the license authorisation dialog box and press “Validate”Button Small 4.png.
  6. When this is completed successfully, the SysCAD license files are stored in the license location folder.
  7. Please note that each site code is unique, the corresponding site key is good for single use only. The site code will change when a license is issued (and again when a license expires).
  8. Make sure the license Authorisation is started from the same location as when the site code was obtained.

License Authorisation using Licensing Utility

Please see Licensing Utility for more information.

License Information