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A brief description of the SysCAD workflow is as follows:

  1. A project configuration file is set up with a set of user defined chemical compounds (done via SysCAD Database and configuration file.)
  2. A process flowsheet is created by inserting “Process Units” onto the Graphics Window. These process units are then linked together with Pipes
  3. SysCAD Process Units may include:
  4. When solving a SysCAD project, the SysCAD solver will build and solve a network of simultaneous equations internally. Users only need to supply information such as:
    • Feeder information such as Feed rate, Temperature, Pressure and Composition. This is done through the Access Window, which can be viewed by right clicking on the unit operations.
    • Configuration information of each Process Unit operation, such as reactions, mass separation, heat transfer, etc.
    • Various controls to set constraints and/or set-points in the project.
    • SysCAD can handle any number of complex recycle streams within a project.
  5. When a project is solved, mass and energy will be balanced at each process unit and across the project.
  6. SysCAD results can be reported using MS Excel for analysis.