Example 9.3 Dynamic Project Descriptions

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Foundry Example


Project Location
..\SysCADXXX\ExamplesDynamic\Foundry Example.spf

Features demonstrated

  1. The use of Makeup Sources and Makeup Blocks
  2. The use of Content Reaction Block (CRB)
  3. The use of General Controllers including the use of Classes.
  4. The use of Model Procedures
  5. The use of Profiles
  6. The use of Dynamic Fill Areas

Brief Project Description

  • A combination of Alloy and Scrap makeup feeds are melted in one of two Melting Furnaces.
  • The molten metal can be recycled via an Ingot stockpile or sent to one of ten Holding Furnaces.
  • Each Holding Furnace has an associated casting machine. The molten metal can either produce a metal product or be recycled to the Holding Furnace.
  • The two Melting Furnaces are controlled by the MF Control General Controller by the use of a common Class.
  • Similarly, the ten Holding Furnaces are controlled by the HF Control General Controller by the use of a common Class.
  • The Plant Control General Controller controls the production, calculates the energy usage and determines the energy costs based on standard, peak and offpeak energy costs.
  • The determination of standard, peak or offpeak is set by the Demand Profile model.
  • The Production schedule is set by the Production Profile model.

Project Configuration

  • The Alloy and Scrap Feeds are Makeup Sources. They are added to the Melting Furnaces via Fixed Mass Flow Makeup Blocks.
  • A Content Reaction Block (CRB) in the Melting Furnaces converts the Scrap Metal (Cu Alloy) to either Cu Alloy 1 or Cu Alloy 2, based on which Melting Furnace it is fed to.
  • Capacity control of flow in pipes is used to control transfer of Ingot stockpile to Melting Furnace, Melting Furnace to Ladle, Ladle to Ingot stockpile, and Holding Furnace to Casting Machine.
  • The GM sub-model is used to send the molten metal to one of the ten Holding Furnaces.
  • Model Procedures are used in the Melting Furnaces, Ladles and Holding Furnaces to calculate Power and Energy usage.

Included Excel Report

There are two excel reports with this project.

  1. Report.xlsx, this file contains model, plant and furnace input parameters
  2. Graph Automation Compare 2.xls, this file contains a macro which allows archive file csv files to be imported and the results graphed.