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Gold Project

This sample project is adapted with permission by KWA Kenwalt and is based on original project by CSIRO Minerals, developed under KWA Kenwalt/ AJ Parker Centre SysCAD agreement.

Example Projects - Gold Example.png

Project Location

This is a Steady State project and is stored at:

..\SysCADXXX\Examples\25 Gold\Demo Gold Project.spf

Features Demonstrated

  1. The use of General Controller (PGM files) and PID controllers for a gold leach project.
  2. The use of a PGM Class to emulate the operations of a CSTR Tank.
  3. Reaction extents in the various tanks are adjusted by controllers to achieve the required concentration profile.
  4. The use of LockUp is demonstrated, as a percentage of the gold in the feed is 'locked up'.
  5. The project contains User Defined Calculations, set in the configuration file, that are displayed in all streams.
  6. The project makes use of reaction extent type User Calc.
  7. The use of Annotation Table.
  8. Sample Excel Reports.

Brief Project Description

This is a simple example of a Gold plant - Leach section, using a CIP/ CIL process (Carbon-In-Pulp/Leach). Gold and Copper are leached from the ore with cyanide and then removed from the solution via adsorption using activated carbon. The gold and copper leaching and adsorption extents are based on equations in the CSTR pgm file:

  • The gold and copper leaching is first order with no cyanide or oxygen dependence.
  • The adsorption onto the carbon is film diffusion, with no isotherm.

This project uses a combination of General and PID controllers to regulate the addition of reagents, reaction extent and phase splits (Tanks C-F).

Project Configuration

Setting up and Enabling Lockup
  • One focus of this example is to show user how to add in species lockup for their project, to do so, user must first set up the configuration file to include:
    1. Make sure FlowQual.dll - Species Qualities - Species Bypass Lockup is selected. (Step 1 of Edit Configuration file)
    2. In the project, user can switch on the Species Lockup from the Feeder Content or Pipe Qi Tab. On the unit where size data should start, under the Qualities section, select Lockup.Action to be Create. This will create new Tabs DLockup and Lockup tabs.
    3. Enter the species lockup requirement in the DLockup Tab. Shown in the project in Slurry_IN feeder.
Setting up and Viewing User Defined Calculations
  • Another focus of this example is to show user how to add in user defined calculations for their project, once defined, the user defined calculations will be available for all the unit operations in the project.
    1. In Step 2 of Edit Configuration file, add the user defined calculations in the calculations Tab.
    2. Four User Properties have been added, these will be visible under the Qo/QFeed/QProd tabs on the access window, under the User Property Calculations
    3. One Species Calculation has been added, this will be visible under the Sp Tab on the access window, shown in the project under the Calculation section.
PGM file Setting up and Usage
  • An important focus of this example is to show advance use of PGM files, where user can input equations based on research data and turn a simple tank into a complex CSTR.
  • Three PGM files are available in the project, these include:
    1. Probes - Simple PGM shown a summary of measurements.
    2. CSTR - This is used to calculate and set the reaction extents for gold and copper leaching and adsorption all the CSTR tanks. Instead of repeating the same calculations 6 times (for 6 tanks), the calculations is written as a Class.
    3. BackMIX - This PGM is responsible in setting the flow splits for Tanks C-F.
Other Controls
  • In additions to the PGM file controls, some PID controller are used to meet targeted values.
  • Oxygen addition to the CSTR is via Reaction Source, specified in the reaction file.
  • Many Reaction extents are controlled either via the PGM file or PID controllers.

Included Excel Report

  1. Example Plant Criteria Report, used to set data into SysCAD as well as reporting back the actual values from SysCAD.
  2. Example Reactions Report detailing all the reaction and reaction extents used in the project.
  3. Example Stream Report
  4. Example Data Analysis