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General Description

The Change Sieve Series model is required when a different size distribution (or sieve series) is to be used. This is particularly important when adding streams with different sieve series, as only streams with the same sieve series can be added. Therefore, before the streams can be mixed properly, the change sieve series model must be put in place.

To see more information on size distributions, please see Size Distribution (PSD).



The diagram shows two streams using different sieve series mixing. A Change Sieve Series model is used to change the Coarse Sieve series to Fine Sieve Series before the mixing can correctly occur.

Inputs and Outputs

Label Required
Number of Connections Description
Min Max.
Input Required In 1 1 Input stream to Change Sieve Series.
Output Required Out 1 1 Output stream from Change Sieve Series.

Model Theory

To convert from sieve series A to sieve series B:

  • For size interval in sieve series A the Sieve Changing model converts the % passing data to the Rosin-Rammler variable;
  • The model then performs an interpolation to obtain the required Rosin-Rammler variable at the required size interval in sieve series B;
  • This is then converted to % passing for sieve series B.

Data Sections

The default sections and variable names are described in detail in the following table.

Unit Type: SzChng - The first tab page in the access window will have this name.

Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description/Calculated Variables / Options
Tag Display This name tag may be modified with the change tag option.
Condition Display OK if no errors/warnings, otherwise lists errors/warnings.
ConditionCount Display The current number of errors/warnings. If condition is OK, returns 0.
GeneralDescription / GenDesc Display This is an automatically generated description for the unit. If the user has entered text in the 'EqpDesc' field on the Info tab (see below), this will be displayed here.
If this field is blank, then SysCAD will display the unit class ID.
On Tick Box The toggle the sieve changing operation on/off.
SizeDefn List Box Lists all the available sieve series
MassFlow / Qm Calc The Mass flow in the sieve changing module.
SolidMassFlow / SQm Calc The Solid Mass flow in the sieve changing module.
Feed.Distribution Calc The name of the feed size distribution entering the sieve changing module.
Feed.NIntervals Calc The number of size intervals of the feed size distribution.
Prod.Distribution Calc The name of the feed size distribution leaving the sieve changing module.
Prod.NIntervals Calc The number of size intervals of the product size distribution.

Adding this Model to a Project

Insert into Configuration file

Sort either by DLL or Group.

Units/Links Size Alteration: Change Sieve Series
or Group:
Size Distribution
Units/Links Size Alteration: Change Sieve Series

See Model Selection for more information on adding models to the configuration file.

Insert into Project

  Insert Unit Size Alteration Change Sieve Series

See Insert Unit for general information on inserting units.