Tailings Dam Example Project

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Example Projects - Dynamic Tailings Dam Example.png

Project Location

This is a Dynamic Simple project and is stored at:

..\SysCADXXX\ExamplesDynamic\TailingsDam Example.spf

Features Demonstrated

  1. How to set up the TailingsDam unit operation.
  2. Use of Profile to add feed, rain and evaporation data.
  3. Use of Noise to add fluctuation to process variable.
  4. Use of PID controller to control tank levels
  5. Use Event to change plant conditions
  6. Use of the Archive Reporter to report results at regular intervals.

Brief Description

This is a simple project demonstrating the use of Tailings Dam process model.

Excel Report

  • Input Files:
    1. InitControl.csv - This files sets the initial conditions at the start of the plant simulation.
    2. PlantFeed.csv - This is the input file for plant feed.
    3. Rain&Evap.csv - This is the input file for rain and evaporation rate.
    4. FutureEvents.csv - This is the input file for events when specified time has been reached.
  • Output files - Output files are generated by the Archiver, they can be found under the Archive folder which includes flow, level and monthly reports.