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OLI Overview OLI Chemistry Model OLI Sample Model OLI Reactor

Latest SysCAD Version: 27 August 2022 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.31623

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OLI Systems is a leading Electrolyte Simulation Software used to predicate equilibrium conditions and properties (such as pH) for aqueous chemistry.

  • It is developed and maintained by OLI Systems (olisystems.com)
  • This SysCAD add-on requires OLI Engine: Developer Edition (licensed separately by OLI Systems Inc.) to be installed on their computer.
  • The user may also require OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer (licensed separately by OLI Systems Inc.) to be installed on their computer. OLI Studio is required to create the OLI database file required by SysCAD.
  • SysCAD version of Build 137 or later is required, as well as requiring SysCAD "Energy Balance" and "Integration Libraries" (formerly "SMDK Runtime") add-ons.
  • OLI in SysCAD is not implemented as a Species Properties Model but as unit models for use at appropriate locations in a plant model.


OLI models are available with a Steady State or Dynamic license with the SysCAD OLI add-on.

Currently the following unit models using OLI are implemented:

  • OLI Chemistry Model: Define and view various options for the selected OLI chemistry model, including management of mapping of SysCAD species list to species list used in OLI.
  • OLI Sample Model: Stand alone unit model to perform side calculations using OLI for predicting aqueous chemistry equilibrium conditions and properties including pH.
  • OLI Reactor: Flexible general purpose unit model using OLI software to calculate product stream composition and properties based on user options and feed. Functionality is similar to SysCAD Reaction Block and FEM where for a given feed, reactions occur with optional heat exchange.