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NOTE: This example shows both the class definition and the use of Class in the same PGM file. In general, if the Class is useful for multiple PGM file or can be re-used, it is best to store the class definition in a separate file (e.g.: Gerenal_Class.pgm). The class definition can then be inserted into a PGM file using the include file syntax. (e.g.: >>General_Class.pgm) Please see Sharing Classes between Projects for more information on how to include the class definition into a pgm file.

;--- SysCAD General Controller (PGM) program logic file ---
; Revision: 3     Date: January 2023    Author: KWA Team ; updated to use PGM syntax for SysCAD 9.3 Build139.32335

; The following example shows how to apply an fitted equation to calculate Evaporation from precipitation tanks.

; The equation solves combined heat/mass transfer problems for free/forced convection from precipitation tanks,
; typically speaking, a solution to these problems is highly non-linear and thus the results are difficult 
; to fit accurately with simple equations. 

; This correlation will estimate evaporation losses from a precipitation tank based on some environmental 
; data (T ambient, wind speed and humidity) and liquor data (temperature and BPE) 

; model covers a range of precipitation conditions from:
;   tank diameters 6 - 15 m  
;   liquor temperature of 45 to 85 C
;   liquor  250 - 350 gpl total soda
;   ambient temperatures from 12 to 40 C
;   humidity 0 - 100 %
;   wind speed 0 - 25 m/s 
;   NB the effect of wind speed is significant and the wind speed should be that which the tank actually sees.

; The expression (detailed below) estimates evaporative losses to within about +/-29% over a wide range 
; and is within +/- 10% over most of the range.

PageLabel "Ambient Condition" 
   ;--- Define Global Variable----
   TextLabel , "  -----Ambient Conditions, from PlantModel Environment Tab-----",""
   REAL	RelativeHumidity@("Frac", "%")
   REAL	T_Ambient@("T", "dC")
   REAL	WindSpeed@("Ldt", "m/s")
   TextLabel , "  -----Equation Fitting-----", "  EvapRate = Eq_Fitting_Factor * Function(RelHumidty, WindSpeed, T, D)",""
   REAL	Eq_Fitting_Factor{i, init(3.6)}

;--- Define Calculation Class ---
Class Evaporation_Class
   ;---Define variables---
   TextLabel  "-------------------------------------------------------"
   String    UnitNameTag@{Tag}, T_Liq_Tag, BPE_Tag, SodaConcTag
   REAL	Tank_Diameter*("L", "m") <6,15><<10>>
   REAL	Tank_SurfaceArea@("Area", "m^2")
   REAL	WindSpeedUsed@("Ldt", "m/s")
   REAL	T_Liq@("T", "dC")<45,85><<50>>
   REAL	BPE@("dT", "dC")
   REAL	SodaConc@("Conc", "g/L") <250,330><<270>>
   REAL	RH_Factor, WS_Factor, CorrectedT, Diameter_Factor
   REAL	EvapRate@("Qm", "kg/h")
   Sub InitTag()
		T_Liq_Tag   = Concatenate(UnitNameTag, ".QFeed.T (C)")
		BPE_Tag     = Concatenate(UnitNameTag, ".QFeed.Props.BPE@T (C)")
		SodaConcTag = Concatenate(UnitNameTag, ".QFeed.Props.TotalNa@25 (g/L)")

   Sub EvapCalc()
     WindSpeedUsed    =  WindSpeed
     T_Liq            = [T_Liq_Tag]
     BPE              = [BPE_Tag]
     SodaConc	      = [SodaConcTag]
     RH_Factor        = 1 - 0.00186*RelativeHumidity
     WS_Factor        = (3.1 + WindSpeedUsed)^1.15
     CorrectedT       = (T_Liq - T_Ambient)^0.5 * (T_Liq-BPE)^2
     Diameter_Factor  = (2/Tank_Diameter+0.872)
     Tank_SurfaceArea = Pi * (Tank_Diameter/2)^2
     EvapRate         = (Eq_Fitting_Factor * 1e-5 * RH_Factor * WS_Factor * CorrectedT * Diameter_Factor) * Tank_SurfaceArea 
   Sub Calc_n_SetEvapRate()
	 [Concatenate(UnitNameTag, ".Evap.Rate (kg/h)")] = EvapRate

; ---Using the Class---
PageLabel "Settler Evaporation" 
; ---Creating the Class object---
   Evaporation_Class HYDRATE_SETTLER

PageLabel "PPT Evaporation" 
; ---Creating the Class object---
   const long PPTCount = 21
   Evaporation_Class  #PrecipTank[PPTCount]{ez}
   long i

Sub InitialiseSolution()
   RelativeHumidity = PM.RelativeHumidity()*100  ;Plant model class returns value in fractions
   T_Ambient        = PM.AmbientT()-273.15       ;Plant model class returns value in Kelvin
   WindSpeed        = PM.WindSpeed()
;Initialise the UnitTagNames
   while i < PPTCount
		PrecipTank[i].UnitNameTag = Concatenate("PC_", IntStr0(i,3))
		i = i + 1
;Initialise the Class tags
   ForEachClass(Evaporation_Class, InitTag())
   ForEachClass(PrecipTank, InitTag())

; ---Calculate & Set the Evaporation Rate--- 
; Calc and Set Evap for Settler
   ["HYDRATE_SETTLER.Evap.QmReqd (kg/h)"] = HYDRATE_SETTLER.EvapRate 	
; Calc and Set Evap Rate for Precip tanks.
   ForEachClass(PrecipTank, Calc_n_SetEvapRate())