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Information in SysCAD can be shared with other packages in a number of ways; these are explained in further detail in separate sections. The various options can be activated via the Project Settings - IO Connections tab page as follows:


SysCAD Marshal

The SysCAD Marshal group is used to switch the OPC Client on and off. This is the SysCAD OPC Client interface for communication to third party software and hardware for dynamic modeling. A separate application SysCAD Marshal starts when this is enabled. The options and configuration is defined in the SysCAD Marshal (scm) text file. See SysCAD Marshal for a complete description.

NOTE: the use of SysCAD Marshal is limited by license options.

OPC Server

The OPC Server group is used to switch the OPC server on and off. Also, if a second instance of SysCAD is started, the Use As Syscad2.Opc option can be selected to differentiate tags from the first instance. For more information on the OPC Server options, please see OPC Server.


The DDE group is used to switch the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) communication on and off. This is rarely used because SysCAD Marshal (OPC Client), OPC Server and Excel Reports are better suited. For more information, please see the DDE.