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In dynamic mode SysCAD uses OPC DA to communicate with 3rd party software and hardware.

Below is an abstract from the OPC Technical Overview found in the [OPC Foundation] website, for more information please visit the website.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is an industry standard created with the collaboration of a number a leading worldwide automation and hardware software suppliers working in cooperation with Microsoft.

Based on Microsoft's OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) now ActiveX, COM(component object model) and DCOM(distributed component object model) technologies, OPC consists of a standard set of interfaces, properties, and methods for use in process control and automation applications. The ActiveX/COM technologies define how individual software components can interact and share data. Backed by Microsoft's NT technology, OPC provides a common interface for communicating with diverse process control devices, regardless of the controlling software or devices in the process.

In SysCAD OPC DA (Data Access) can be used as:

SysCAD does not support OPC HDA (Historical Data Access) or OPC AE (Alarms and Events).

The dynamic SysCAD project should be configured as "RealTime" so that the simulated time steps are equally spaced. It is possible to use a Real Time Multiplier to run in an accelerated mode.

Currently SysCAD does not support OPC UA - this is under development.