Basic Tutorial - Graphics Window and Bulk Tag Change

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IMPORTANT: The videos here supplement the SysCAD Basic Tutorial located in the install directory at SysCADxxx\Tutorial\SysCADBasicTutorial.pdf. Refer to this document for detailed instructions.

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Section 2
Creating a SysCAD Project
Section 3
Project Configuration and Species Database
Section 4
Access Window and Quick View
Section 5
Chemical Reactions
Section 6
Trend Windows, PID and Ratio Controllers
Section 7
Merging and Modifying Projects
Section 8
General Controllers
Section 9
Makeups and EHX
Section 10
Graphics Window and Bulk Tag Change
Section 11
Excel Reports and Quickview

Latest SysCAD Version: 16 February 2024 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.34893

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Section 10 Overview

Please use these videos together with Section 10 of the Basic SysCAD Tutorial, which is distributed with the SysCAD full install.

We are using the Merged project in all of the following examples.

Change Pipe Tags in a flowsheet using Bulk Tag Change

  • Section 10.3: This shows you how to change all of the pipe tags on a flowsheet using the Bulk Tag change command.
  • YouTube link (Allows you to watch in Full Screen mode)
  • Build 136.18876