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Welcome to SysCAD Wiki

Online documentation for Kenwalt's process simulation software product SysCAD. Use the search box at the top right, or select a link below to investigate the main topics.

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SysCAD 9.3 Build 139

Latest SysCAD Version: 18 May 2023 - SysCAD 9.3 Build 139.33001

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18 May 2023
Syscad icon small.png Build 139.33001 update released.
Gear icon.png Reaction Block improvements.
Gear icon.png Fix for crash with OLI units in Build 139.32925.
04 May 2023
Syscad icon small.png Build 139.32925 update released.
Tick icon.png New VS Code extension for PGM syntax highlighting
Tick icon.png Reaction Editor v1.5 and reaction block improvements
Tick icon.png New Target Stream split flows method
Gear icon.png Various unit model improvements and bug fixes
Gear icon.png Options to change graphics and trend line weight
Gear icon.png 'Upgrade Compatibility Checks' option to identify old models
Bulb icon.png To access new features, we recommend a full install for Build 139.32925

What is SysCAD?

Syscad icon small.png SysCAD is a powerful and versatile plant simulator that can be used to simulate the simplest processing circuit through to complex full plant operations. It can be used in every aspect of the plant life cycle, from feasibility studies and process design, through commissioning, operations and maintenance, to plant expansion and more.

  • Simulation of a process plant
  • Detailed steady state mass and energy balances
  • Various dynamic simulation applications
  • Used throughout project life-cycle, feasibility studies through to ongoing use in operations
  • Used by owner operators, engineering companies, consultants, R&D groups and academic organisations