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  • SysCAD 9.3 is a 32bit Windows application. The recommended operating system is Windows10 or Windows11.
    SysCAD also runs under the Windows8.0, Windows8.1 operating systems.
    SysCAD is not supported on Windows 7 since Microsoft support for Windows 7 has ended.
  • 32bit or 64bit Windows OS versions can be used.
  • SysCAD does utilise multi-core processors as the solver utilises parallel processing (multi-threading). A multi-core processor should be used, a 4 core (or better) CPU is recommended.
  • The use of a local SSD drive for loading and saving SysCAD projects is recommended. A HDD or SSD can be used. SysCAD 9.3 install requires approximately 250MB.
  • A minimum of 4GB of available RAM is required to run SysCAD. A PC with 16GB or more is recommended.
  • A dual-screen setup is strongly recommended for SysCAD model developers.
    Having one display for full size SysCAD and one for other applications such as Excel, documentation, data, etc is significant enhancement for productivity.
  • An accessible USB port for USB License Key when using a stand-alone license.
  • SysCAD makes use of Excel for reporting. It is recommended that Excel 2010 or newer is used.
  • For editing text files used with SysCAD we recommend Notepad++.
  • SysCAD can be used on Mac OS X where Parallels or similar is installed with a Windows virtual machine.