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Tag (Long/Short) Input / Calc Description/Calculated Variables / Options
SSA Quality
Method Display Independent - when no PSD present and calculated from SAM; or FromPSD - when calculated from full PSD.
SetData Tickbox Allows the user to set values for SAM or Diameter (D). This is set by selecting Create for SzSSA.Action Qualities2.png.
SetDiam Tickbox Option when SetData is in use. Allows user to define SAM or D.
Solids List Solids Species that SSA calculations are based on. Result field if SSA solid component is set globally in PlantModel. Otherwise, allows the user to select the solid component to base the SSA calculations on. Note: The selected solid flowrate must be non-zero for the propagation of the following parameters to downstream unit operations.
Solids.Qm Calc The amount of selected SSA solids species (eg: Al[OH]3) present.
SeedSurfaceAreaM / SAM Input Seed Surface Area, Mass basis (m²/g)
SeedSurfaceAreaL / SAL Calc Seed Surface Area, Volume basis (m²/L). That is total Liquid Volume basis at temperature.
#/s Calc Particle number per second.
#/L Calc Particle number per litre.
D / PartDiam Input Input when SetData is in use and SetDiam is selected. Particle diameter.