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  • The method of programmatically activating or deactivating flowsheets via the Plant Model - Flowsheets tab has changed. Previously, one field (Active CheckBox) was used to activate or deactivate the flowsheet. Now, there are separate fields, or buttons, for activation or deactivation. If you have used the functionality on this tab to activate or deactivate flowsheets in pgms or from Excel, then please be aware that you will need to change the the field tags.
  • Project Configuration (cfg File) is upgraded to be a Dynamic or Steady State. May need to edit project or cfg file to correctly select solver mode.
  • Random number generator now uses the C++ standard library. This could affect results when using the Noise Controller or PGM Noise Class.
  • PGM and MP has a few more restricted variable names such as "Filename". If these were used PGM load errors occur. While upgrading, first change these in PGM file before first project save.
  • Some more hardwired conversions have been added to the Conversions Database. If the user had previously defined these in their Project Database and the user definition (scale and offset) is not exactly the same as the hardwired definition, then the user conversion will be discarded on load (with an appropriate message). If this occurs, then for the user to (still) have this conversion available to them, they will have to tick Show in the Conversions Defaults and Displays list next to the desired conversion unit.
  • H2O(l) is no longer allowed as a LockUp species. If a project previously used this, the user will receive a warning on load and the lockup value for H2O(l) will be set to zero.