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SysCAD Tag Changes for Project Upgrade from SysCAD 9.2 Build 135 to SysCAD 9.3 Build 136

Changes affecting various types of tags and tag management new to SysCAD 9.3 Build 136.

Model Tags

Stricter rules for naming of Model Tags. You can no longer use '{', '}', ' | ' and ':' when creating or changing model tags.

The maximum length of Model Tags has been reduced from 62 to 50.

If either of these issues are encountered at project upgrade they are listed as problem tags. You are not forced to change these immediately, they continue to be allowed. It is recommended that the tags are changed. In some cases if these tags are referenced or used in controllers they can cause errors. It can be better to fix the tags in the original model before upgrading to avoid any of these issues.

Species Require QM, MF and M in some full species tags
  • Stream (eg Qo, Qi, QProd, etc) species mass flow tags now need a QM as part of the tag. For example 'P_001.Qo.H2O(l)' is now 'P_001.Qo.QM.H2O(l)'.
  • Composition Image (eg DSp page on feeders, etc) species mass fraction tags now need a MF as part of the tag. For example 'XPG_001.Content.H2O(l) (%)' is now 'XPG_001.Content.MF.H2O(l) (%)'.
  • Content, in for dynamic projects, (eg Content page on Tank, etc) species mass tags now need a M as part of the tag.
Main Species tags Case Sensitive The species part of tags used in a Stream, Image or Content are now case sensitive. You can now reference P_001.Qo.QM.Co(l) and P_001.Qo.QM.CO(l) separately.
Stricter Species Tag Names Species tag naming is stricter. Key changes include (see Species Tags for full details):
  • Additional special characters are not allowed as part of species tag (ie compound name) and phase label.
  • The use of '+' and '-' are only allowed at the end of the compound part of a species tag.
  • Spaces are not allowed in species names. These will automatically be replaced with underscores as part of the upgrade process.

If there are any problem species tags in your project, these need to be corrected

  • in the species database;
  • in the cfg file listing the species used; and
  • any tag references to the species in the project.

It is recommended that these changes are made in Build 135, prior to upgrading of the project.

Species tag conversion

Species tag conversion (%) may require a more specific conversion unit. You may get a warning such as: (%) no longer allowed change to (%Sol). For example the unit (%) is no longer an option for some species properties and should be replaced with more specific units of measurement such as (%Sol) or (%Liq) or (%Vap). An example of a full tag is component mass fraction in the liquid phase "My_Pipe.Qo.CMF:LPh.H2O (%)" is now "My_Pipe.Qo.CMF.LPh.H2O (%Liq)".

Full Tag Changes Changed Tags Many tags have been renamed either to achieve consistency across different models or to provide a better description of the tag. Both short and long tags have been improved. The use of _ has been reduced. Begun applying consistent use of abbreviations (eg "Reqd" rather than "Rqd" for "Required"). Where "Reqd" is used, generally use this at end of full tag.
Some common examples include:
  • Qm_Rqd --> QmReqd
  • Qv_Rqd --> QvReqd
  • T_Rqd --> T_Reqd
  • P_Rqd --> P_Reqd
  • FinalTRqd --> FinalT_Reqd
  • OperatingP.Reqd --> OperatingP.P_Reqd
Other general tag changes include:
  • Nett.Qm.H2O(l) --> Links.Nett.Qm.H2O(l)
  • RqdUFSolids --> UFSolidFracReqd
  • CakeSolConc25 --> Cake.SolidConc25
  • UFSolConc25 --> UF.SolidConc25
  • OFSolids --> OF.Sf
  • QmAve --> QmAvg
Discontinued Tags A few tags that were rarely used or are from very old versions have been removed. In this case a new tag does not exist and these are reported as unknown tags. The user will need to delete these tags or find an alternative tag.
Pipe 'Fxd_dP'
pressure boost/drop tag
In Build 135 the tag 'Fxd_dP' used for pressure drop and boost depending on the pressure change method selected. In Build 136 there are now separate tags 'PDropReqd' and 'PBoostReqd'. So any use of 'Fxd_dP' needs to be manually changed to the correct tag. A warning message is given by the pipe model whenever the old tag is used to set a value, however the source is unknown. This could be by controllers, Excel, etc.
PlantModel Activate/Deactivate Flowsheet Tags Activate/Deactivate Flowsheet Tags have changed in SysCAD 9.3. These tags on Plant Model - Flowsheets tab are numbered differently and sorted alphabetically by name. If these tags are used to activate or deactivate flowsheets via external packages (such as MS Excel) their use needs to be reviewed and updated before use.
UnitType rather than ClassId On the Info tab page for all models, the tag "ClassId" has been changed to "UnitType". And "ClassGroup" has been changed to "UnitGroup". Where these are used in TagSelect statements in Excel these will need updating.
$SDB Tag Changes

$SDB tags with parameters no longer work. Due to changes on Species Properties page, the tags have changed and can no longer include a temperature and pressure specification. For example "$SDB.H2O(l).msSf(550.00,200.00) (kJ/kg.C)" will give "tag not found" error. In PGMs use the Species Database Class instead.

Audit and Links pages Tag Changes

Almost all models have a Links and Audit tab page. Some tags have been updated but importantly the grouping of tags into sections has changed resulting in many 9.2 full tags for these pages no longer being recognised or auto-upgraded. If these tags are used in your project or reports they will not be recognised as valid tags and will need to be corrected.

Managing Tag Changes
  • Messages: The reporting of where an old tag is being used has been improved significantly. This helps user with finding and fixing where an invalid tag is being used.
  • Auto Tag Change: When an old tag is entered directly in the SysCAD project (such as a PID, Set Tag Controller or Trend page) then these tags are automatically changed during project upgrade and the user is notified of the change in the message window.
  • Changing PGM/MP Tags: When an old tag is referenced in an external PGM or MP, then at solve time SysCAD will generate a warning message that the tag has changed and use the new tag. The messages will continue to be generated until the user changes the reference to the new tag. If an old tag is used then the tag reference indicator triangles are not shown. The controller has a new field called 'TryFixTags' (Found in the TagRefs Tab page of the General Controller, button name is Change Old Tags) that will try to upgrade old tags to new tags in the MP or PGM file. Note that because of how some full tags are built in the code (such as dynamic tags created by string concatenation), this may not upgrade all tags contained in the text file. You may still need to manually fix some tags.
  • Changing Excel File Tags: For Excel files, from the Excel Automation Dialogue box, there is a new button called "Check Tags". For each Excel file, user can click on this button and choose "Check Tags" to allow SysCAD to go through all the tags in that Excel file, searching all Get/Set reports and list any old tags that are recognised as needing upgrading. You can then use the new option "Check Tags - Check and Fix Tags" which will go further and actually change the tags.
  • Other reference files: When an old tag is referenced in another type of external file (such as taglist csv), then the user is required to fix these tags.
  • Historian: If the historian is using old tags, the best approach is to clear the historian. To clear this list (and prevent ongoing warning messages), go to Project-Settings, Historian tab page, and press the Delete button which removes all tags from the Historian.