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This function is used to create a new access window tab page with the specified string.

For Example:


This will create a tab page with name "Data". (see example below)

Hint: Do not use a long name for a the Page Label, as this is displayed on the Access Tab.


TextLabel(string, string)

This function is used to create text description lines on the access window.

  1. For a single comment:TextLabel("Enter the feed options:")
  2. For a blank line: TextLabel().
  3. To insert a text label with a blank line before the label, specify a comma before the label: TextLabel(, "Water Flows In").
  4. You can specify multiple lines with comma (,) separator: TextLabel("Alumina", "Area 5").

Do not use a tab in the string, it will be replaced with a single space.

Labels Example

This code will show the following Access Window view:

  TextLabel(, "  ---Inputs---")
  EnumDropList Options{Acid=2, Basic=4, Neutral}
  Options      OperatingMode*
  Checkbox     UsePredefinedValues*
  Real         Reqd_FeedSolids{i,("Frac", "%"),init(25),Range(0,100),Comment("Wt%")}
  Real         MFWashEff*("Frac","%")<0,100><<75>> ; Required Filter Wash efficiency.
  TextLabel(, "  ---Results---")
  Long         [email protected]
  String       [email protected], [email protected]
  Memo         [email protected]                        ; WasherState Message String
  Real         [email protected]("E","kJ")         
  Real         [email protected]("Pwr","kW")           
  Real         [email protected]("P","bar")          
  Real         [email protected]("T","C")        
  Real         [email protected]("Time","h")
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