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Glass Sorting Facility

Example Projects - Glass Sorting Example.png

Project Location

..\SysCADXXX\Examples\85 WasteRecycling\Glass Sorting Facility.spf

Features Demonstrated

  1. How to set up Size Data in the project configuration file, this includes sieve series and solids that contain size distribution data.
  2. How to switch on the Size Data in the project.
  3. Size Distribution models Screen2, Crusher2 (replacing Crusher from Build 139).
  4. Shows how to use Model Procedure (MP) to add user defined functionality.

Brief Description

This project shows how to sort material based on size and user defined criteria.

  • Feed is crushed, dried and screened prior to the optical sorting
  • Optical sorting criteria is written using Model Procedures.

Project Configuration

Setting up Feed
  • Feed Data is entered using the TagList Model (ScenarioOptions). Four Feed Scenarios are available, user can select which scenario to use via the General controller (Overall_Control, Feed Tab)
Setting up and Enabling Size Distribution Data
To Enable the Model Procedure
  • Right click on Optical_Sorter models (Modelled as Tie-1 process unit), On the Info Tab, select Procedures
  • MP tab will be created, allowing the addition of a MP file.
  • MP file is evaluated within the process unit, and can only fetch values local to the current Tie model. Therefore when fetch values, unit Tag name is not used.
  • Use the Get() function to retrieve values from SysCAD
  • Use the Set() function to set values into SysCAD
For help on the syntax of the model procedure file, please see Model Procedure (MP).

Included Excel Report

  • PlantFeed.csv - This is the Feed Input file used by the TagList controller.