Changing Species Models

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If additional species models are available to the user, then the species model can be set; following are a few notes on the selection of species model in a project:

  1. The DEFAULT species model for the project needs to be set in the Project Configuration file (cfg).
  2. Once the default species model has been set, any new unit operations inserted into SysCAD will carry this species model.
  3. In practice, only Feeders need to have the species model information defined, if the species model used differs to that of the default. Any other units will use the species model of its inlet streams. In the case of two different species model entering the same unit operation, SysCAD will decide what to use for its outlets. In these cases, the user can manually set the species models in the outlet pipes if they prefer to use a different species model.
  4. To set the species model in the Feeder, under the contents tab page, select the model type. If a species model is selected, then (Reqd) will appear after the word Model as a reminder that the user has manually set the species model. If the user wants to set the species model back to its default, then Inherit should be chosen, when this happens, (heritage) will appear after the word Model as a reminder that the species model is determined by SysCAD.