Bauxite Composition Example

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This example shows how to convert Lab results (normally using elemental or different basis) to SysCAD species (normally using minerals or species)

  TextLabel(,"       NB Composition is only updated during initialisation",)
  String FeederTag*{Tag}
  Real Bauxite_Moisture("Frac","%")*{Comment("Bauxite Moisture")}<<15>>
  Real Bauxite_Gibbsite("Frac","%")*{Comment("Gibbsite (as Al2O3)")}<<40>>
  Real Bauxite_Boehmite("Frac","%")*{Comment("Boehmite (as Al2O3)")}<<2>>
  Real Bauxite_ReactiveSi("Frac","%")*{Comment("Reactive Silica (as SiO2)")}<<5>>
  Real Bauxite_Quartz("Frac","%")*{Comment("Quartz (as SiO2)")}<<2>>
  Real Mtot@("Frac","%"){Comment("Total defined fraction")}
  Real Bauxite_Inert("Frac","%")@{Comment("Inerts (100-Mtot)")}
  Real MW_K, MW_B, MW_G
Sub initialisesolution()
  MW_K = 0.5 * MW("2SiO2.Al2O3.2H2O") / MW("SiO2")
  MW_B = 2.0 * MW("AlO.OH")           / MW("Al2O3")
  MW_G = 2.0 * MW("Al[OH]3")          / MW("Al2O3")
  If DynTagExists(FeederTag)
    [Concatenate(FeederTag, ".Content.MF:Ph.Liquids (%)")]                = Bauxite_Moisture
    [Concatenate(FeederTag, ".Content.MF:Ph.Al[OH]3(s) (%Sol)")]          = MW_G * Bauxite_Gibbsite
    [Concatenate(FeederTag, ".Content.MF:Ph.AlO.OH(s) (%Sol)")]           = MW_B * Bauxite_Boehmite
    [Concatenate(FeederTag, ".Content.MF:Ph.2SiO2.Al2O3.2H2O(s) (%Sol)")] = MW_K * Bauxite_ReactiveSi
    [Concatenate(FeederTag, ".Content.MF:Ph.SiO2(s) (%Sol)")]             = Bauxite_Quartz
    Mtot = MW_G * Bauxite_Gibbsite + MW_B * Bauxite_Boehmite + MW_K * Bauxite_ReactiveSi + Bauxite_Quartz 
    Bauxite_Inert = max(0, (100.0 - Mtot))
    [Concatenate(FeederTag, ".Content.MF:Ph.InertSolids(s) (%Sol)")] = Bauxite_Inert
    Lognote("Feeder Tag not valid or not specified.  Please specify a valid FeederTag and try again")
$ ; --- end of file ---
  • Please specify the feeder tag and adjust the values as required.

User can also add in User defined calculations to check the stream properties using user defined basis. Example calculations for the bauxite properties are: