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Execution Errors (1 - 49)

1 Not all Control Paths in Function have a valid RETURN
2 Function Stack Overflow. (Function called recursively?)
3 Calculation stack overflow.
4 Function reference stack overflow.
5 PGM class execution error.
6 String stack overflow.
7 SetDynTag references unknown tag.
8 GetDynTag references unknown tag.
9 Tag not specified for SetDynTag.
10 Tag not specified for GetDynTag.
11 Conversion unit invalid for SetDynTag.
12 Conversion unit invalid for GetDynTag.
13 Tag cannot be set for SetDynTag.
14 Tag for SetDynStrTag must be a string.
15 Tag for GetDynStrTag must be a string.
16 Execution Timeout Possible end-less loop.
17 Invalid index in array.
18 Likely problem with mixed or nested references of classes (Not handled by SysCAD).
19 Tag length too long for setting tag value.
20 Tag length too long for getting tag value.
21 Index for species invalid in SDB function.
22 Element invalid in SDB function.
23 SDB function invalid for species phase.
24 Invalid index.

Mathematical Errors (50 - 99)

50 Division by zero.
51 Cannot find square root of a negative number.
52 Cannot raise a negative number to a non-integer power.
53 Cannot find the log or ln of zero or a negative number.
54 Cannot raise zero to a negative power.
55 Cannot find arc sine or arc cosine of number less than -1.
56 Cannot find arc sine or arc cosine of number greater than 1.

Build Errors (100 - 199)

100 Valid Datatype Expected.
101 Alphanumeric Name Expected.
102 Unique Identifier Expected.
103 '=' Expected.
104 Function Open Parenthesis Expected '('.
105 Unexpected identifier.
106 Function Parameter Delimiter ',' Expected.
107 Function Close Parenthesis Expected ')'.
108 Function returning a string, Str or string expected.
109 Invalid Symbol.
110 End of file '$' not expected.
111 'If' expected before 'Elseif'.
112 Cannot have 'Elseif' after 'Else'.
113 'Else' can only be used within 'If-Endif' statements, NOT within Begin-End statements.
113 'If' expected before 'Else'.
114 'If' expected before 'Endif'.
115 'While' expected before 'EndWhile'.
117 Valid LHS identifier expected.
118 Must reference a data member of a record.
119 Cannot assign value to a constant.
120 Function returning a string not allowed.
121 Variable identifier undefined.
122 Valid expression expected.
123 Invalid symbol at start of expression.
124 Cannot watch this variable.
125 Exceeded maximum number of function parameters.
126 Cannot define local functions.
127 Cannot define local classes.
128 Tag enclosed in quotes (") expected.
129 Reserved symbol not expected."
130 Reserved symbol not allowed in this context.
131 Cannot follow a class instance with *,@,(,< or {.
132 Endclass, class type or data type expected.
133 Must refer to a valid class instance.
134 Valid variable or symbol expected.
135 Cannot open include file.
136 Cannot set WatchInfo for this variable type.
137 Numerical value expected.
138 Comparison operator '==' expected.
139 Comparison operator '!=' expected.
140 'EndIf' expected.
141 'EndWhile' expected.
142 Str variable not expected.
143 Function returning a Str variable not expected.
144 Too many nested GetTag/SetTag functions.
145 Tag expected, not a 'blank'.
146 Valid conversion family name expected.
147 Valid conversion unit expected.
148 Cannot set CnvInfo for this variable type.
149 CnvInfo already set for this variable.
150 Variable with conversion information expected.
151 Cannot set this variable as read-only.
152 Cannot reference tag directly, use GetTag(...).
153 Cannot find closing symbol for tag.
154 'Return' is only valid in a function.
155 'EndFunct' is only valid in a function.
156 'Return' expected before 'EndFunct'.
157 Bad Cable Definition. - In/Out missing
158 Bad Cable Definition. - Bad Cable Name
159 Bad Cable Definition. - Bad Format
160 Positive integer value expected
161 '[' expected
162 ']' expected
163 ',' expected
164 Cannot follow an array declaration with *,@,(,< or {.
165 Cannot declare an array of this data type.
166 Cannot declare an array here.
167 Array index is not in range.
168 Cannot exclude watch of this variable.
169 Exceeded maximum number of PageLabels allowed.
170 This symbol not allowed as variable name.
171 Class dereference depth too large.
172 Can only allow NAN for double variable type.
173 Can not specify extra options for this variable type.
175 Closing '>' expected.
177 Valid variable option expected.
178 Only a Str or Memo field may contain a tag.
179 Parameters not allowed for reserved function overrides.
180 To allow NAN for variable, use {n}.
181 Cannot set Ranges for this variable type.
182 Cannot set Ranges for variable where NAN is allowed.
183 Must be a real or double variable type.
184 Spaces before Tag not allowed.
185 Spaces after Tag and Conversion not allowed.
186 Variable length exceeds maximum length.
187 Tag length too long.
188 Specified Component, Species or Element not found for MW().
189 Specified Species not found for SI().