PGM Error Codes

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Execution Errors (1 - 49)

General runtime errors while PGM code is running (executing):

1 Not all Control Paths in Function have a valid RETURN
2 Function Stack Overflow. (Function called recursively?)
3 Calculation stack overflow.
4 Function reference stack overflow.
5 PGM class execution error.
6 String stack overflow.
7 Unknown tag for setting tag value.
8 GetDynTag references unknown tag.
9 Tag not specified for setting tag value.
10 Tag not specified for for getting tag value.
11 Conversion unit invalid for SetDynTag.
12 Conversion unit invalid for GetDynTag.
13 Tag cannot be set for setting tag value.
14 Tag for SetDynStrTag must be a string.
15 Tag for GetDynStrTag must be a string.
16 Execution Timeout : Possible end-less loop.
17 Invalid index in array.
18 Likely problem with mixed or nested references of classes (Not handled by SysCAD).
19 Tag length too long for setting tag value.
20 Tag length too long for getting tag value.
21 Index for species invalid in SDB function.
22 Element invalid in SDB function.
23 SDB function invalid for species phase.
24 Invalid index.
25 Class Instance stack overflow.
26 Invalid species index.
27 Index for element invalid in SDB function.

Mathematical Errors (50 - 99)

Math runtime errors while PGM code is running (executing):

50 Division by zero.
51 Cannot find square root of a negative number.
52 Cannot raise a negative number to a non-integer power.
53 Cannot find the log or ln of zero or a negative number.
54 Cannot raise zero to a negative power.
55 Cannot find arc sine or arc cosine of number less than -1.
56 Cannot find arc sine or arc cosine of number greater than 1.
57 Division by zero by zero.

Build Errors (100 - 300)

During file load and compile errors can occur and will have "Build Error" numbers in the range 100 to 300. The specific build (load time compile) errors are described in the message window and unit model.