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Where multiple steps are required to re-configure a unit operation, the steps may need to be broken up between the different trigger subroutines so that they are executed in series.

Two examples are shown here:

  1. In this example, a Filter Press model is required to be turned on, the method changed and a parameter set. Since the parameter may not be available until the method selection is made, these will be performed in different subroutines.
  2. In this example, the PID controller block can be switched on / off based on a trigger variable (true/false).
Example1 Example2
Sub InitialisePreStart()
 ;--- Logic executed very early before first iteration
 ; Turn on filter press FP_001
 ["FP_001.On"] = 1

Sub PreStart()
 ;--- Logic executed early before first iteration
 ; Set method in filter press FP_001 to FiltrateConcAt25C
 ["FP_001.Method"] = 1

Sub InitialiseSolution()
 ;--- Logic executed during initialisation before first iteration
 ; Set required filtrate solid concentration in filter press FP_001
 ["FP_001.FiltrateSolidConc25Reqd (g/L)"] = 2

Sub PreStart()
 ;--- Logic executed early before first iteration
 ; example for switching PID control block on/off based on trigger:
  if UsePID_Control
	["Acid_Control.Cfg.[2].On"] = 0
	["Acid_Control.Cfg.[2].On"] = 1