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Where multiple steps are required to re-configure a unit operation, the steps may need to be broken up between the different trigger subroutines so that they are executed in series.

In this example, a Filter Press model is required to be turned on, the method changed and a parameter set. Since the parameter may not be available until the method selection is made, these will be performed in different subroutines.

Sub InitialisePreStart()
 ;--- Logic executed very early before first iteration

 ; Turn on filter press FP_001
 ["FP_001.On"] = 1

Sub PreStart()
 ;--- Logic executed early before first iteration

 ; Set method in filter press FP_001 to FiltrateConcAt25C
 ["FP_001.Method"] = 1


Sub InitialiseSolution()
 ;--- Logic executed during initialisation before first iteration

 ; Set required filtrate solid concentration in filter press FP_001
 ["FP_001.FiltrateSolidConc25Reqd (g/L)"] = 2