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Displays a list of properties that the user can view or hide by clicking on the required property.

|- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - Energy|Energy]] || Fields related to Thermodynamic properties, e.g. Hz, Hs, Cp, etc. |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup2#Saturation Values|Saturation]] || Fields related to the properties of the default Saturation species (usually H2O). |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup3#Acidity (pH)|pH_Estimate]] || Fields related to the pH estimate |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup3#Charge|Charge]] || Fields related to Charge |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup3#Transport Properties|Transport]] || Transport properties such as viscosity and thermal conductivity |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup2#Density Correction|DensityCorrections]] || Additional density correction variables |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - HOC#Heats of Combustion|HeatsOfCombustion]] || The Heat of Combustion is the heat released (ie. enthalpy change) if the stream components undergo complete combustion with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide gas and water.
Only available in Build 139 or later (replaces old [[Material {{{type}}} Section - HOC#Heating Values|Heating Values]] option). |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - Energy#Values at User Defined T and P|ValuesAtUserTandP]] || Additional variables will be evaluated at the user defined temperature and pressure |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup4#Solution Impurities|SolutionImpurities]] || Impurity flows, fractions and concentrations. |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - PropGroup4#H2O Properties|H2OProperties]] || Properties of pure water and steam |- | [[Material {{{type}}} Section - Water Quality|WaterQuality]] || Properties of water streams such as hardness, alkalinity and oxygen demand