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  • SysCAD 9.3 Build 137 general release was 31st October 2017, but was used selectively from June 2017. Build 137 is the second major release for SysCAD 9.3.
  • See Revision History for a full list of improvements and fixes after the first release of Build 137.
  • See Upgrading Builds for a detailed recommended procedure for upgrading projects between Builds for the same version.

A summary table of the SysCAD 9.3 Build 137 changes are shown below. Please click on the Table heading for more information on that topic.

New Models and Add-On Model Improvements Reaction Block Improvements

New Models:

New Add-On:

  • New Reaction Extent Types such as flow, elemental conc
  • New Summary Table
  • New Reaction Limits
  • Display and Feedback Improvements
  • Solver and Saved State Improvements
  • Reaction Reagent Requirements
  • Improved Reaction Editor
User Interface Improvements Other Improvements Project Upgrade And Changes that Affect Results
  • The method of programmatically activating or deactivating flowsheets via the Plant Model - Flowsheets tab has changed.
  • Project Configuration (cfg File) is upgraded to be a Dynamic or Steady State.
  • PGM and MP has a few more restricted variable names such as "Filename".
  • H2O(l) is no longer allowed as a LockUp species.

Discontinued Functionality

  • The Recognize H2O(l) as Aqueous option in the configuration file has now been removed.
  • The option to define a default Makeup Source in Plant Model - Settings tab has been removed.
  • The Models tab page in the Project Window (View-Project) has been removed. This functionality is available in the Explorer Window.
  • The Power Supplies access window (View-Power Supplies) and associated functionality has been removed.

Build 136 was the first official release of SysCAD 9.3 (12th November 2015). For notes on upgrading SysCAD projects from 9.2 to 9.3 see Upgrade to SysCAD 9.3. See Build 136 Release Notes and Revision History.